Happy Saturday!

Yesterday we met the amazing Naomi Tracz Jewellery, the lovely Lily Flo Jewellery, the wonderful Vicky Davies and the lovable rock-chick Naomi Davies Jewellery! We had a double giveaway yesterday and two lucky winners have walked away with either a beautiful piece by Lily Flo Jewellery and Latelita London! What a great Friday!

Are you struggling with what to do this afternoon? Head on down and check out the #JewelStreetPopUp shop! Today we have Vanilo, Karen Phillips, Marcello Riccio and the brand new BUFF Jewellery showcasing their handcrafted jewellery in the JewelStreet cubes!

We are so excited to be meeting the faces behind the brands, getting to know the inspiration behind their remarkable designs and trying on a piece or two!

Come on down and tell us which piece is your favourite!


Want to know a bit more about today’s designer?

She’s been designing for 20 years!

Described by The Goldsmith’s Company as “having their own voice”, Karen’s unique approach comprises of costume jewellery collections for high profile brands and simple, exclusive diamond jewellery.

From the mountains and the valleys….

Coming straight from the mountains and valleys of Colombia, Vanilo is an innovative brand that showcases the work of local artisans. Vanessa and Valentina have a passion for the rich handicraft traditions of their country, teaming up with skilled men and women to create beautiful jewellery that updates heritage techniques with a contemporary edge.

The ultimate father and son team.

MARCELLO RICCIO was founded by Marcello Riccio after following in his father's goldsmithing footsteps. Collaborating together to form the brand, Marcello Riccio and his father Roberto Riccio, boast of over 40 years of goldsmithing experience between them, which is inspired by their Italian roots and refined creativity.

And last but by no means least….

A collaboration between designers Mei-Li Burnside and Ellie Ingram, Buff provides understated luxury basics that are practical, personal, and perfect for everyday wear. Mei-Li and Ellie give their customers the chance to add that little glint of true luxury without breaking the bank. Their passion is timeless pieces and precious metals - not fast fashion!