Turquoise is the birthstone of December and as the Christmassy month (let’s try and forget that it’s the last month of 2018!) is right around the corner, we’re here to talk all things turquoise.

What is Turquoise?

The gemstone turquoise is a semi-precious stone and is typically greenish-blue in colour, although it ranges from sky blue to a deeper green, depending on the level of copper and iron present in the stone.

Pure turquoise is a soft stone, although minerals and dyes used to imitate turquoise causes it to become harder. If you ever find turquoise and it is soft to touch, then you know it’s the real deal!

Turquoise is precious in many cultures and countries. Its origin was Persia and its name comes from the Turks, as the stone was brought to Europe by them. Iran is said to have the most precious turquoise but the United States have been competing with them. The USA’s turquoise tends to be quite distinctive as it features black and brown veining in the stones. Culturally, Egyptians used it as a valuable ornament and the Middle East used turquoise as a religious symbol by topping their buildings with the stone. Native Americans have worked with turquoise since 1000AD and are considered the masters of making turquoise jewellery.

Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones and has been used in jewellery for thousands of years, mostly with silver.

Facts about Turquoise

Many Native Americans regarded turquoise as sacred and carved them into different shapes of animals, that were then placed in tombs to attract spirits to guard the dead.

Turquoise can be used for healing. Turquoise can change colour when close to the skin, so people believed that by changing colour it was warning the wearer of danger or illness. It is also believed to reduce the impact of alcohol consumption. Turquoise is thought to get paler in colour when its wearer is sick and can completely lose its colour if that person dies.

Warriors would fix turquoise to the end of their bows to get a more accurate shot in battle.

Turquoise is viewed as a symbol of friendship, strength, protection and peace. It is believed to promote positivity and ward off negativity, the ‘evil eye’ and demons.

Turquoise may be the official birthstone for December but Zircon, Topaz and Tanzanite also represent the 12th month and are all in different shades of blue to green. Turquoise is also the stone for an 11th year wedding anniversary.

If you’re really into your astrology and star signs, turquoise is also the planetary stone for Aquarius, Taurus and Sagittarius.


Here are our top 5 Turquoise picks for rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings!



Turquoise is used more often with silver but gold and turquoise shouldn’t be overlooked and is more gorgeous than ever. Keeping with the Native Americans techniques and expertise, some turquoise jewellery is incorporated with dreamcatcher symbols and what better way to celebrate turquoise than sticking with its master crafters traditions?

AMARA AMARA | Turquoise 3 Tier Necklace (Middle)| £99.00
M's Gems by Mamta Valrani | Cascade Chain With Turquoise and Beads (Right)| £238.00

London Road Jewellery | Yellow Gold Turquoise and Diamond Enchanted Evil Eye Pendant (Left)| £395.00
Conges | Dream Catcher Choker (Right)| £2,073.00


Bracelets are so versatile and easy to wear. Whether day or night, turquoise adds a beautiful colour to any piece of jewellery. Turquoise charms and beads are perfect to add to any bracelet, especially if you’re birthday is in December!

a cuckoo moment... | Samba Turquoise Stingray Leather Bangle (Left)| £132.00
Lucy and Penny | Selena Turquoise Bangle (Right)| £74.00

LISA HOFFMAN Gold & Turquoise Electra Geo-Gem Charm Bracelet (Left)| £89.00
Elisa Ilana Jewelry | Yellow Gold & Turquoise Lollies Bracelet (Middle)| £109.00
Cosanuova | Turquoise Tassel Bracelet (Right)| £68.80


Rings are timeless and are becoming bigger and bolder than ever. Why not try stacking a few dainty turquoise rings or go to the extreme and pick an over sized showstopping ring.

SEVEN50 Signet Coin Turquoise Ring (Left)| £87.00
Joke Quick | Turquoise Ring (Middle)| £4,275.90
LALI Jewels | 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond And Turquoise Ring (Right)| £491.00

Cynthia Bach Flower Crown Ring in Turquoise And Diamond (Left)| £4,700.00
Marcello Riccio | Rose Gold & Turquoise Ring (Right)| £570.00


Bigger and longer earrings are on trend at the moment. Tassels will jazz up any outfit and draw attention to your face and neck. Or if you prefer studs, why not go for something more extravagant and chunkier?

M's Gems by Mamta Valrani | Panache Hook Earrings With Turquoise (Left)| £51.00
AHAAVI | Turquoise Silver Spear Studs (Right)| £42.00

Cosanuova | Turquoise Tassel Earrings (Left)| SOLD OUT
HERAHERA Zoe Turquoise Earrings (Middle)| £302.00
Marcello Riccio | Gold Plated Silver, Diamond & Turquoise Earrings  (Right)| £152.00