New Years Eve is only a few days away! If you’re hosting a party, we hope you’ve stocked up on all the goods and if you’re attending a party, we hope you’ve got a fabulous outfit picked out to welcome the new year in. Why not make 2019 your year? Start it off with a bang - looking your best and making a statement.

We’ve picked 5 stand out jewellery pieces to best describe your New Years Eve.

Party like it’s 2019…

You’re dressed to the nines, looking glamorous and ready to party, so why not show it? Maria Kovadi’s Tell Me Collection is a perfect way to show everyone what you’re all about and to showcase your personality. The Let’s Ring and Party Ring’s are bold and stunning, with a gorgeous loopy font and six twinkling gems adding extra sparkle to your look. Wear them layered or one on each hand to make a statement and show everyone you’re in the party spirit.

Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery | Let’s Ring With Multicolour Spinels and Party Ring in White Gold With Spinels | £1,406.00 and £1,267.00

Raise a glass…

There’s going to be lots of glasses clinking and cheers-ing to celebrate the new year. The Gold Wineglass Secret Pendant from Chekotin Jewellery is fun and show-stopping, a perfect necklace to add another bit of glamour and celebration to your outfit. It’ll have everyone’s attention and them raising their glasses of bubbly to you. It is also the perfect gift for a wine lover!


Chekotin Jewellery | Gold Wineglass Secret Pendant and White Gold & Diamond Mug Secret Pendant | £480.00 and £461.00

3, 2, 1...

It’s time for the countdown - only 10 seconds left of 2018 and only 10 seconds until 2019. Countdown on your fingers with Sarah Ho’s number inspired jewellery. Pick your lucky number or countdown with 3, 2 and 1, specially for New Years Eve. If you’re a big lover of New Years Eve, why not make it more personal with the Personalised Numerical Oval Sterling Silver Cufflinks from Hilary&June? The cufflinks have enough space for 10 numbers to be hammered into the base, so why not have your own countdown on your wrist?


Sarah Ho | Numerati Lucky Number 1 Pendant  (Left) | £800.00

Get your kiss at midnight…

Here it comes - the countdown to midnight. Find your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, anyone, because it’s time for the midnight kiss. Put a kiss in your jewellery, with the Lips Stud. Sparkling from your ear, it can be mixed and matched with other earrings and is a beautiful accessory. If you’re hoping for a kiss from a crush, show it through your jewellery and hopefully they’ll get the hint! The 18kt Rose Gold Major Crush Necklace from The Twist by Danya is part of the Emoji Collection and is colourful and fun.


Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery | Lips Stud in Yellow Gold (Left) | £516.00
The Twist by Danya | 18kt Rose Gold Major Crush Necklace (Right) | £1,604.00

This is your year…

The party is over, you’ve had a great time and now it’s time to think of the year ahead. This is going to be your year so show it in your jewellery. Butterflies are symbols of hope and change, having transformed from a caterpillar into the majestic and beautiful butterfly. Think of this symbolism and put it into practice by making the 2019 version of yourself the best you can be. The Sterling Silver Mosaic Butterfly Bracelet is colourful and abstract, made out of modern and ethical materials and techniques. For a subtler look, the Diamond Butterfly Ring is a classic and timeless design, with beautiful rose gold and diamond accents.


SOLUNA | Sterling Silver Mosaic Butterfly Bracelet (Left) | £390.00
Oh My Christine Jewelry | Diamond Butterfly Ring (Right) | £550.00