Fei Liu wins Designer of the Year 2016 at the recent UK Jewellery Awards.

Born in China and now based in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter, award-winning designer Fei Liu combines his eastern heritage with contemporary western design to create wearable, feminine jewellery.

Fei Lui’s fascination with gemstones began after he visited Hong Kong at the age of 19 and became transfixed by the unique nature of each stone. This then led him to study at the world renowned Birmingham School of Jewellery, and in 2006 establish his own jewellery brand. Taking inspiration from floral and architectural forms, Fei’s signature style has a distinct feminine and elegant aesthetic, whilst remaining effortlessly wearable.

Cascade Large RingunicornCascade Bangle In Rose Gold Vermeil


How did it feel to win Designer of the Year 2016 at the UK Jewellery Awards?

“I have been nominated for the UK Jewellery Award for four years so it feels great to win Designer of the Year! The UK Jewellery Awards are the most sought after awards so to win one is a great achievement. It is also an honour and privilege to be thought of as one of the best designers. My dream has finally come true so I am thrilled!”

How does this award compare to others you have won?

“For me this award is not just about design. It represents a combination of creativity and knowledge of the commercial market. At the same time, it is also my honour to be able to work with my team. Without my team I don’t think I would have been able to achieve this award. It is one of the best awards of my career and I see this award as an achievement of being a commercial designer.”

Tell us about your latest collection

“Continuing on from the modest pricing of the Snowdrop collection, this August at CMJ I will be launching my new Shooting Star collection. This new silver collection is inspired by the movement of the shooting star across the atmosphere and play with the contrast of yin yang, with warm and cool tones. The collection will be fine jewellery at an accessible price. The contrasting tones will be represented by semi-precious stones and precious vermeil.”

What exciting projects are you working at the moment?

“Since their launch, the Snowflake and Snowdrop collections have been an instant hit with our audience. To reflect the demand, I have designed new pieces to expand each collection, with the addition of hair accessories! All will be unveiled at CMJ this August and IJL this September!”

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