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The April birthstone is easily the most glamorous, popular and coveted gemstone in existence. Desired by many and cherished by the film, music and jewellery industry, diamonds are the star of the show and the birthstone for April.

What is diamond?

Diamond is a solid form of the element carbon, where the atoms are arranged in a crystalline form and structure. It is a precious stone that is clear and colourless, although with structural defects or impurities in the diamond, some varieties come in colours, like black, yellow, pink and blue.

Diamonds are extremely durable and have the highest hardness level in any natural material, making it perfect for cutting, shaping and polishing. Diamonds are extremely rare and it is near impossible to find a natural diamond, which is why diamonds can be extremely expensive. They are found deep within the Earth’s ground and most of the diamonds found recently, are due to volcanic eruptions bringing them to the surface.

In 2003, the Kimberley Process was developed in order to monitor the rough diamond trade, ensure quality and prevent diamonds being used to fund violence. The programme ensures that conflict-free diamonds do not enter the mainstream diamond trade, with extensive requirements placed on participants who want to buy and ship diamonds. Jewellers and gemologists rate diamonds based on the four ‘C’s’: carat, cut, colour and clarity.

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Facts about diamond

The word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘adamas’, meaning ‘unconquerable’. In Greek mythology, the Gods wore diamonds and the sword, helmet and chains from Greek warriors such as Chronos, Hercules and Prometheus was eternally strong due to their diamond composition.

The Renaissance period was the first time diamonds were used in engagement rings, symbolising everlasting love. They are still the predominant gemstone used in engagement rings today, and diamond is the stone that marks the 60th wedding anniversary.

The slogan ‘diamonds are forever’ was invented by diamond jewellery company De Beers in 1947. Their marketing campaign is one of the most successful campaigns today, and the slogan has been used as inspiration for films, songs and various popular culture references.

Diamonds symbolise purity, innocence, truth and perfection. Diamonds are believed to contain exceptional power and are thought to improve the energy, love life, prosperity and faith in its wearer.

In the East, diamonds are believed to bring inner peace and to cure illness. When someone is ill, they are told to place a diamond in a glass of water and leave overnight next to their bed. When they wake, the person should drink the water, which is said to help aid the heart and dispel illness. Reportedly, diamonds have helped prevent many diseases and cured those with addiction problems.

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Here are the top picks for diamond jewellery, perfect for those with April birthdays and those who want to inject classic glamour into their jewellery repertoire.


The clear colourless crystal hue of the diamond allows them to work with various colours, like gold, silver and other coloured gemstones. Diamond necklaces can either be very fancy and complete a high-end look, or they can be simple, understated and add to an everyday outfit.


SEVEN50 Cubic Yellow Necklace (Left)| £85.00
Daou Jewellery Kiss Diamond Pave Pendant (Middle)| £790.00
Corinne Hamak | One Circle 7 Diamonds Necklace (Right)| £1,145.00


London Road Jewellery Bloomsbury White Gold Diamond Ball Pendant (Left)| £595.00


If you’re looking to inject colour into your diamonds, coloured diamonds are a cheaper and more vibrant option. Pick black for a dark and mysterious look, pink for a pretty and feminine vibe, blue for a calming tone or yellow for a warm and sunny hue. Bracelets are a great way to add coloured diamonds into your jewellery wardrobe.


ROX - Diamonds and Thrills Diamond Love Bracelet (Left)| £325.00


RUBINIA GIOIELLI 9kt White Gold Oro Bianco Diamanti Bracelet (Left)| £323.00
Shahana by Gopika Kapoor Yellow Gold Plated Diamond Moon & Star Bangle (Middle)| £398.00
Verifine London Black Diamond Line Bracelet in 18ct White Gold (Right)| £1,250.00


Diamonds are the perfect gemstone to be used in wedding and engagement rings. They symbolise love and truth and are the perfect gem to give to a loved one. Whether you’re looking to make a commitment or just want a classy ring that you will cherish always, diamond rings really are everlasting.


Black Betty Design The Diamond Eyed Kissing Skull Ring in White Gold (Middle)| £973.00
Cardinal of London Black Diamond Rock Ring (Right)| £250.00


Jessie V E Yellow Gold Scorpio Star Sign Constellation Ring (Left)| £1,850.00
W. Salamoon & Sons 18kt Rose Gold & Diamond Leaf Cluster Motif Ring (Right)| £11,400.00


If you’re looking to incorporate diamonds into an everyday look, earrings are the perfect way to do so. Choose from simple studs, dazzling drops or cheeky climbers. Diamond earrings are a great way to introduce a new jewellery lover to the world of jewellery.


Mishanto London | Yellow Gold & Diamond Can-Do Devotion Earrings (Right)| £459.00


London Road Jewellery Yellow Gold Diamond Solitaire Raindrop Earrings (Left)| £450.00
W. Salamoon & Sons 18kt White Gold Drop Cluster Diamond Ear Jackets (Middle)| £3,100.00