Think of all the words associated with diamonds. Sparkling. Precious. Hypnotic. Desire. Beauty. It’s no surprise that diamonds are the perfect metaphor to talk about love in music. The allure of diamonds is much like the allure of a lover. You want to bask in their beauty. You want to feel their electrifying touch. You want to possess the magic they radiate. Yet the precious gem can also stir much darker feelings. Diamonds inspire jealousy. Greed. Lust. Much like love…

Even so, diamonds remain one of the most desired items on the Earth. To quench your thirst for these rare gemstones, discover a selection of diamond rings inspired by your favourite lyrics. Perhaps you and your lover are seeking your dream engagement ring. Or your simply looking for your next diamond fix. Peruse the pristine, polished, poised rings that will make you hungry for diamonds.

Diamonds and Pearls - Prince

If I gave you diamonds and pearls
Would you be a happy boy or a girl
If I could I would give you the world
But all I can do is just offer you my love

Fleur De Lis Crown Ring With Diamonds And Pearls

Cynthia Bach | Fleur De Lis Crown Ring With Diamonds And Pearls | £6,293.00

This beautiful song by Prince encapsulates the selflessness of love. Prince wants to offer his lover diamonds, pearls, and the whole world. But his heart is all he can give. Diamonds are the go-to gift to express your love for someone. Why else do lovers spend so much time and effort finding the perfect engagement or wedding ring for their significant others? There is no greater investment than investing in love. And there is no greater way to symbolise love than through a diamond ring that uniquely symbolises your devotion. Inspired by these beautiful lyrics by Prince, I have chosen Cynthia Bach’s Crown Ring. Prince evidently knew a thing or two about love. Embrace his wisdom with a ring for your Queen.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.

Delilah Labradorite and Black Diamond Ring

Liz Phillips | Delilah Labradorite and Black Diamond Ring | £1,563.00

This poignant song by Pink Floyd alludes to the decline of former bandmate, Syd Barrett. Barrett’s abuse of psychedelic drugs led him to be dissonant, vacant, and erratic, which eventually meant he was no longer able to remain a member of Pink Floyd. Despite his tragic departure, Barratt’s presence within Pink Floyd’s music is evoked within melancholic lyrics such as these. Barratt’s essence, and potential as a musical genius is paid homage to: ‘shine bright you crazy diamond’. The ‘black holes in the sky’ refer to Barratt’s madness, visible through his penetrating and vacant eyes. There is something beautiful about this tribute to a loved one. Human struggle and love may cause friction. However, I interpret ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ as an allegory for love prevailing. Inspired by the bleak beauty within this powerful song, I have chosen the unique and unusual Delilah Labradorite and Black Diamond Ring. There is something cosmic about this astonishing gemstone. In its deep surface many colours are reflected, all enhanced by the halo of black diamonds. Evoke soulfulness and consideration with a ring as bewitching as this.


Diamonds Are Forever - Shirley Bassey

Diamonds never lie to me
For when love's gone, they'll lustre on
Diamonds are forever, sparkling round my little finger

Oh Mighty Diamond Ring

Uwe Koetter | Oh Mighty Diamond Ring | £3,670.00

The phrase ‘diamonds are forever’ was first coined by the De Beers diamond company after hiring an advertising firm to come up with a slogan to increase their sales of diamonds. Being the most durable mineral as well as a gift that is treasured and cherished, the phrase has become notorious in popular culture. Shirley Bassey’s song ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ was written for the soundtrack of the James Bond film. The song is full of sensual and provocative language, reflecting both the sexy appeal of the action films as well as the lustful allure of diamonds. Shirley Bassey’s penetrating voice calls for a diamond ring that will make you feel like a goddess. Uwe Koetter 19kt white gold diamond ring is of superior brilliance, begging you to desire it. Slide this delicately down your finger and feel the power and poise of a queen.


Diamonds and Gold - Mac Miller

She wants diamonds, she wants gold
But she's scared to let you get too close

Portobello Diamond Rope Gold Ring

Sharon Mills London | Portobello Diamond Rope Gold Ring | £95.00

Mac Miller’s underrated song ‘Diamonds and Gold’ is an anthem for the solo woman. Championing independence, ambition and freedom, this song is a go-to for those powerful feel-good vibes. How many times has pop culture portrayed women as in constant pursuit of the hero male figure to forever look after her? Far. Too. Many. This song rightfully champions women for their intelligence, determination, self-love and hunger for success. To say the least, it’s refreshing. Inspired by the song’s homage to the independent woman, I have chosen the Portobello Diamond Rope Gold Ring. Rope symbolises strength and endurance, so feel confident and powerful wearing a ring that enhances your tenacity.

Diamonds Made From Rain - Eric Clapton

Everything that I've endured
For the wisdom of a pearl
I wouldn't change a thing
You can make diamonds from the rain

Fire and Ice Fancy-cut Rectangular Cushion Blue Topaz Ring

Cherie Thum | Fire and Ice Fancy-cut Rectangular Cushion Blue Topaz Ring | £6,757.00

Feel the wholesome caresses of Eric Clapton’s voice as you listen to ‘Diamonds From The Rain’. The eternally poignant message that love is redemptive is evoked through the beautiful lines: ‘Like diamonds made of rain/ you can find joy inside the pain’. Many tears have been cried over lost or unrequited love. But the phrase ‘better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’ reverberates throughout Clapton’s song. The imagery of tears and rain combined with diamond and pearl gemstones evoke delicacy and fragility. The captivating pools of crystal blue within Cherie Thum’s Topaz Ring captivates Clapton’s ode to love elegantly. Heal your soul with a ring that radiates beauty. 


Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles

Cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Towering over your head.
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes
And she's gone.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Full Radiant Yellow Diamond Ring

Gemlok for Gemveto | Full Radiant Yellow Diamond Ring | £23,184.00

Many interpretations have been offered for this visually rich song. There are many references to Alice in Wonderland within the song, suggesting the song celebrates imagination and fantasy. Others have suggested the title is initials for LSD, but this claim was denied by Lennon, who nonetheless praised such insight. As it happens, the title for the song manifested from a painting Lennon’s son had created at school, titled ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’. The painting focuses on a figure amongst a yellow diamond sky. Lennon and Paul McCartney then freestyled other psychedelic images, such as ‘cellophane flowers’ until the vivid song was born. The yellow and green flowers is a particularly beautiful phrase. To capture this warm and rich song, I have chosen the Full Radiant Yellow Diamond Ring, designed by Gemlok for Gemveto. The gorgeous hues of the yellow diamond create a summertime paradise. Feel warmth and happiness with every glance at this sunkissed ring.

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