When it comes to shopping for the perfect wedding ring, diamond wedding rings are the traditional route to go down.

With over 500 designers to pick from, we’ve selected the nine best diamond wedding rings that are available to buy on JewelStreet. 

Banyan Tree Wedding-Engagement Ring White Gold - LJD Designs £3,865

When you’re after the wow factor, the diamond set in this wedding engagement ring is definitely one that’s going to impress. 

An 18kt gold solitaire ring that is part of the organic ring series from LJD. It’s inspired by the stems of a banyan tree that grows towards the earth. They are unique in nature, and so that makes this ring unique too in the design.

LJD Designs was founded by Laura Jackowski-Dickson and takes inspiration for her jewellery from beautiful landscapes and cultures that she’s seen with her own eyes during her childhood and beyond. A love of texture and colour leads to exquisite pieces like this Banyan Tree Wedding-Engagement Ring.

14kt Gold Half Eternity Diamond Stacking Wedding Ring - Master Jewelry By John £180

A sparkling ring, this 14kt Gold Half Eternity Diamond is one that can be stacked with other rings to really elevate each piece that goes with it. 

The ring is suited for the modern-day woman and is sure to go down very well for anyone who is thinking of giving it to their other half.

It sparkles with gorgeous diamonds and has been handmade in the USA and is made to order. All the diamonds are 100% natural and high-quality. It’s also a ring that’s available in 14kt Solid White, Yellow and Rose Gold. 

Based in Los Angeles, Master Jewelry by John are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship. It’s run by husband and wife John and Sandra, who both have long-term experience in the industry.

White & Yellow Gold Personalised Unisex Wedding Band Set - Tezapsidis Jewellery £486

If you’re looking for unisex wedding bands, then these might be suited to your needs. The White & Yellow Gold Personalised Unisex Wedding Band Set can be made from a number of carat options. 

From 9kt, 14kt, or 18k, it’s also available in White and Yellow Gold. These can be custom made to suit your preferences, whether you want them made thinner or wider. 

When it comes to wedding rings, you want them to be unique to you, and these can definitely provide that. Designed by Tezapsidis Jewellery, they’re fourth-generation Greek, and Petros is a trained gemmologist.

14kt Gold Halfway Diamond Wedding Band - Master Jewelry By John £254

When looking for high-quality, picking out this 14kt Gold Halfway Diamond Wedding Band is the perfect accompaniment for an existing engagement ring. It can also be worn by itself or stacked with additional rings.

A versatile wedding band is often needed, and this has a U cut open pave setting for easy stacking ability. It’s available in 14kt Solid White, Yellow or Rose Gold and makes for a perfect anniversary gift too. 

It’s handmade from the USA and is part of the jewellery brand Master Jewelry by John. They’re a husband and wife team and create style and sophistication in all their pieces. They are always looking to create beautiful pieces for their collections.

Halo Eternity Ring In Gold With Champagne Diamond - Elinor Cambray Jewellery £950

The Halo Eternity Ring is one that is unusual in its design. The half eternity ring set with six champagne diamonds can be worn on its own or will work well with other rings stacked on top or below.

It’s a ring that will certainly go well with the Entwine collection that you can find on our website. The gemstones are set in smooth so that they’re practical and secure within the wedding band itself. As far as durability goes, this ring certainly has it. 

Designed by Elinor Cambray Jewellery, it’s handmade to order at Elinor’s Salisbury workshop. She uses recycled gold in order to cause less environmental and ethical damage. It’s custom to the colour of your choice too so that you can have a truly unique piece.

Diamond Eternity Ring 9kt Rose Gold - StyleRocks £2,490

Customisation can often be key for someone who is after a wedding ring. That’s why having something like this Diamond Eternity Ring with 9kt Rose Gold is certainly a good choice to go with.

Each stone measures 3mm in diameter and has a 3mm wide rose gold, 9kt band. It’s an item that is handmade and comes all the way from Australia. It’s produced by master jewellers so you can assure that you’re going to get premium quality. 

StyleRocks was created by Pascale, who, at the time of creating it, found it difficult to find jewellery online while pregnant. Beautiful jewellery is at the forefront of her creations.

Rose Gold & Diamond Eternity Ring - Marcello Riccio £950

For the fans of Rose Gold, this Diamond Eternity Ring should definitely be up your street when shopping for a wedding ring. 

The elegant design and attractive rose gold and diamond features make for a stunning piece that’s all about creating a statement. 

It’s a handcrafted ring that is made with pure accuracy by goldsmiths who have over 40 years of experience in the trade. You can also get personalised engraving with the price you pay to make it truly unique.

Specialists in fine gemstones and bespoke jewellery, Marcello Riccio London are responsible for this creation. They create made to order jewellery that reflects the very essence of luxury.

18kt Yellow Gold & Black Diamond Full Eternity Ring - Verifine London £450


If you’re looking for something a little different and perhaps gothic in nature, then this 18kt Yellow Gold & Black Diamond Full Eternity Ring is for you. 

This is a stunning piece that has been handcrafted and features beautiful black diamond gemstones. It can look amazing when worn alone or as part of a stack together. 

The micro-setting of each diamond is smooth and effortless to ensure complete safety. It’s a unique piece of designer jewellery that anyone would love to have in their collection. 

Made by husband and wife team Neil and Wendy Duckworth, they established Verifine to craft gorgeous, skinny eternity rings and have branched out into other accessories since.

Classic Natural Diamond Ring Band - KASTUR Jewels £980

When stating your forever commitment, say it with a Classic Natural Diamond Ring Band like this one. It’s the perfect gift for your loved one and uses an ancient technique of setting natural uncut diamonds and enamel. 

KASTUR Jewels was founded by Rajvi Vora. A third-generation Kenyan and of Indian origin, she’s constantly inspired by her heritage when it comes to jewellery.

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