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We’re approaching the month of May and with a new month comes a new birthstone. Emerald is the May birthstone, a gorgeous green gem revered by many. Here’s everything to know about emerald, fun facts and our top picks for emerald jewellery.

What is emerald?

Emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl, with traces of chromium and vanadium, giving the gemstone its signature green colour. The emerald gemstone ranges from hues of blue-green and yellow-green. Only gemstones that are medium to dark green are considered emeralds. The lighter gems are referred to as green beryl.

Emeralds have been mined since 1500 BCE. Columbia and Zambia mine and produce the most emeralds but emeralds are found all over the world, in places like Afghanistan, Austria, Egypt, Germany, Nigeria, Norway, Spain and Zimbabwe. Emeralds have a 7.5-8 hardness level, making them ideal to be shaped, cut and molded into jewellery.

Amy Adams, Elizabeth Taylor & Lady Gaga in emerald

Facts about emerald

The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed emeralds were the gemstone of the goddess Venus, the goddess of love, truth and hope, factors that are linked to the gemstone. Emerald is also known as the stone of intuition, a source of eternal life and is associated with the future and sight.

Greek philosopher Aristotle believed and wrote about the power of emeralds. He stated that owning an emerald helps its owner have more presence and better speech when dealing with business matters, helps with victories and cures problems with eyesight and other illnesses like epilepsy.

There is some debate over what hue of emerald brings good luck and what day to wear them to receive this luck. In China, emeralds are worn on Thursday for good luck but other countries in the East and West disagree with this. The Romans also considered light green gemstones to be unripe and not possessing power until they turned a dark green colour.

Emeralds are loved by royalty, like Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth II.

As well as being the birthstone for May, emerald is the gemstone for the zodiac sign Cancer.

Mila Kunis, Julia Roberts & Dakota Fanning in emerald

Here are the top picks for emerald jewellery. Give any of these wonderful pieces to the people in your life with May birthdays!


The dazzling colour of the green emerald is perfect in jewellery, adding shine and richness to any look. Emeralds are very versatile and work well with other coloured gemstones like rubies and diamonds as well as metals like gold and silver. Pair emeralds with gold for a warm glow or pair with silver for a colder tone.


Cosanuova Long Emerald Necklace (Left)| £109.00
Jaime Moreno Designer Jewelry Yellow Gold & Emerald Jardin Necklace (Middle)| £1,876.00
RI NOOR | Emerald & Diamond Tassel Necklace (Right)| £1,877.00


Conges Scarab Choker With Emeralds (Left)| £1,987.00
VOA Fine Jewellery Classic Emerald May Choker (Right)| £658.00


If you’re looking for simplicity, emerald bracelets are a wonderful addition to your jewellery box. Pick a simple chain bracelet with hints of emerald colours or small features of the gemstone studded on the bangle for more colour and texture. Bracelets are the easiest way to inject a gemstone into your everyday style.


Betty Balaba Hailstones Catching Light Emerald Bracelet (Right)| £895.00


ERAYA 14kt Yellow Gold Beautiful Emerald Bracelet (Left)| £431.00
Joana Salazar Sparkling Large Bracelet (Middle)| £2,240.00
Tateossian | Silver & Emerald Macrame Silver Bracelet (Right)| £295.00


Emeralds are a meaningful gemstone, symbolising love and hope. If you’re looking for a alternative gemstone for an engagement ring rather than the classic diamond, emeralds are the ideal substitute. Colourful, sparkling and full of meaning, emeralds are perfect in engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings and fashion rings.


tiss 18kt Yellow Gold Oasis Ring (Left)| £570.00
Estenza Alina Emerald Stacking Ring (Middle)| £1,135.00
ileava jewelry | Gold Emerald Ring With Stars (Right)| £2,792.00


Serengeti Jewels 18kt Yellow Gold For Mara Ring With Emeralds (Left)| £613.00
Joke Quick Twilight Entourage Ring With Emerald (Right)| £6,937.00


Everybody loves earrings! Incorporate emeralds into a pair of earrings and see the possibilities unfurl! Pick a simple emerald pair of studs that will work perfectly with a casual everyday outfit or go for something more over the top with a pair of drop earrings. Work out your price range and indulge in a pair of emerald earrings.


Borgioni | Baguette Triple Ear Cuff with Emeralds (Left)| £2,622.00


Jewels of Kim 9kt Yellow Gold Oval Emerald Cluster Earrings (Left)| £95.00
Joely Rae Jewelry Olive Hoops (Middle)| £1,651.00
Agora Jewellery | Sterling Silver & Emerald Siren Earrings (Right)| £550.00