How Miguel Set New Wedding Day Jewellery Standards:

Miguel and Nazanin

Image from Pinterest

Last week R&B legend Miguel tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi - and oh how they dazzled on their big day! The pair met in 2005 after Nazanin interviewed Miguel in anticipation of his first music video. Thirteen years later on November 24th, the couple solidified their eternal love amongst a plethora of black gems, icy diamonds and two very special handmade rings.

As expected, the newlyweds were the epitome of elegance and grace, radiating happiness amongst family and friends at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in California. Nazanin - adorned in shining white diamonds - was a vision in white, with Miguel perfectly complementing her in contrasting black diamonds. Yet, daring to be bold, it was not just the wedding rings that shone on the day. Miguel proved that wedding day accessorization need not be limited to wedding rings as he walked down the aisle wearing a statement watch on each wrist, a chic body harness, and a classic signet ring on his right hand. Inspired by the stylish groom and his black, gold and citrine colour palette, here’s three JewelStreet picks to help you channel Miguel’s fashion-forward wedding aesthetic.

14kt Yellow Gold Black Diamond Channel Set Wedding Band
Allurez | Yellow Gold & Black Diamond Channel Set Wedding Band | £1,826.00

Miguel’s wedding ring consisted of an unconventional inlay of black diamonds, delicately peppered with citrine quartz and enclosed within a curved gold band. Drawing inspiration from this, we think Allurez’s Black Diamond Channel Set Wedding Band is a chic and elegant choice for those who like to embrace the unconventional through their jewellery. Handcrafted in 14kt yellow gold, the band accentuates the deep and rich black diamonds that boldly line the ring. Miguel’s ring effortlessly complemented his wife’s glistening white diamonds - so why not recreate this fusion with a matching ring of shining white diamonds for your significant other?

 18kt Black Diamond Pave Mens Bracelet

Syna | 18kt Black Diamond Pave Men’s Bracelet | £3,559.00

Miguel showed us the true meaning of “go big” on his wedding day by showcasing two stunning watches on his wrists. Perhaps symbolising the eternal and lasting bond of marriage, the watches were both a tasteful and fashionable way of elevating his look. Syna’s exquisite 18kt Black Diamond Pave Bracelet is a minimalist yet striking piece to add a fashionable twist to your wedding day look. Taking inspiration from the luxurious black and gold colour palette of Miguel and Nazanin’s wedding, Syna’s bracelet imbues the sense of splendour and opulence that every bride and groom deserve on their wedding day. Circular in form, Syna’s bracelet mirrors the eternal bonds of love that are fulfilled within the marriage ceremony that will forever be remembered when wearing the bracelet.

AK Pink Gold Pendant Set With Black Diamonds

AKILLIS | AK Pink Gold Pendant Set With Black Diamonds | £3,691.00

Fashion week saw designers such as Off-white and Versace championing unique men’s jewellery such as body chains and pendant necklaces. Miguel’s wedding attire was particularly striking through the tasteful silver ring that centred his look around a white body harness, adding an edgy flair to his chic look. AKILLIS’s Pink Gold Pendant which comes in a variety of colours could be the perfect dash of bling to add an unconventional yet understated spice to your wedding look. As a brand that champions strength, confidence and courage, the AK Pendant is the perfect piece to make you feel collected and poised on the biggest day of your life! If you’re feeling particularly bold, ditch the tie and wear this delicate necklace for a edgy wedding look to rival Miguel’s!