Dressing for an outdoor wedding

Dressing for an outdoor wedding can be tough. It’s the occasion that one both anticipates and dreads. Indeed, outdoor weddings can be showstopping events. Picturesque scenery. Summery vibes. What’s not to love? Whilst an outdoor wedding consists of all the ingredients to make a momentous occasion, it can be a nightmare to find an outfit for. You can’t predict the weather, so how can you predict what you should wear? You don’t want your gown trailing through the grass, nor do you want your stiletto sinking into the ground. How do you avoid these problems?

Discover the best guide to dressing for an outdoor wedding. With every possible wardrobe malfunction preempted, you can rest assured that not only will you feel comfortable and cool, but you’ll also be the best dressed guest.

For the city formal

14kt Yellow Gold Wonder Single Threader Earring With LabradoriteDressing for a rooftop wedding Open Shard Ring

Who doesn’t love a city wedding? You get to enjoy amazing cityscape views from opulent rooftop venues, celebrating love, life and joy. That is until the sun goes down and you’re outfits no longer popping. Or you see the other guests and realise you’re underdressed.  My advice? As long as you have your most striking and expensive-looking jewellery on, your city attire will look next-level. For these types of weddings, you need a look that translates from day to night. City environments always imbue the feeling that you should look sleek, chic, and fashion-forward, so be a little daring with your outfit. You can never look too overdressed or too edgy in the city, so think bold colours, strong silhouettes and striking jewellery. Block colour suits are bang on trend. Get yourself a mustard or maroon-coloured suit and turn heads. Accessorise with statement jewellery and your wedding look will be talked about for years to come.

For the beach wedding

Yellow Gold Plated Oceania Cowrie Hoops Dressing for a beach wedding Clea Carnelian and Black Diamond Ring

Beach weddings are the epitome of romance. Surrounded by the lull of lapping waves and crystal coloured waters, you want to feel as magical as your surroundings. Embrace the beachy theme with a wedding look that radiates summer romance. A chic wrap dress is a comfortable and cool choice for a beach wedding. Choose a stylish print or textured material and top your look off with ocean-inspired jewellery. Susan Driver’s shell hoop earrings are a quirky yet trendy choice to get into the beach wedding mood. Pair with the orange and black gemstone ring by Liz Phillips to contrast the blue sea tones. These two gorgeous jewellery pieces will uplift your casual wedding look, imbuing your ensemble with an element of luxury.

For the garden party wedding

Morganite and Diamond Floral Stud EarringsDressing for a garden party wedding Morganite and Diamond Floral Pendant Necklace

Gemondo Jewellery | Morganite and Diamond Floral Stud Earrings | £167.00
Gemondo Jewellery | Morganite and Diamond Floral Pendant Necklace | £119.00

I guarantee you’ll be seeing an array of floral patterns at your upcoming garden wedding. I’m not saying a floral wedding look is a no-go - florals is a timeless spring trend. Even so, why not channel florals through your accessories for a delicate and feminine wedding look. Feeling ultra trendy? Swap the floral dress for a snakeskin slip and serve some superior SS19 style. Opt for a midi length to keep the grass stains at bay! Remember, stilettos are a no-go at garden weddings. You don’t want to sink into the ground, so stand tall and invest in some block heels or a wedge shoe to complete your garden wedding look. Your floral diamond jewellery will sparkle day and night, keeping you looking radiant for the entire day. And with this edgy ensemble, you’ll be setting the bar much higher for the next garden wedding.

For the woodland wedding

Frida Inspired Wooden Earrings Dressing for a woodland wedding 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Eye Bracelet

Usually, the couple throwing a woodland wedding are nature-loving lovers. Wild flowers, earthy surrounds, this type of wedding calls for some cute and quirky jewellery. Earth tones are a hot trend on the fashion scene right now. With nude silk dresses and textured linen co-ords, you have endless choice of clothing for this wedding. Go for a clean silhouette in a natural earth tone material… because for this wedding, you can really push the bar with your accessories. Go bold, bright and colourful with Kimili’s Frida Kahlo earrings. This statement piece of jewellery will spark great conversation. Pair with the gold eye bracelet and layer with your other gold jewellery. Weddings are all about having fun, don’t let that stop at your jewellery!