Earrings always add the finishing touch to any ensemble. Styling your jewellery to your hairstyle can make or break an outfit, depending on the style of earring you choose. Earrings perfectly frame the face as well as giving a beautiful accent to any look. That being said, hairstyles do a similar thing, so coordinating your earrings and your hairstyle is vital to make sure your look isn’t ‘too much’ or ‘not enough.’

To make sure you get the right combination, I’ve compiled a list of hairstyles and their perfect earring pairings. Choose any of these winning combinations and you’ll be centre of attention at any occasion.

Hair down = Studs

Studs are the most versatile earring style. They can be put in and easily forgotten about, yet add a beautiful accent to any look without even trying. When picking earrings for when you’re wearing your hair down, you don’t want anything too fussy. No matter the length of your hair, you don’t want an equal length earring as they will get in the way and even get tangled in your locks! Go for something low maintenance and laid-back, like a simple pair of studs. Go for a style that is sparkly or colourful for a fun peekaboo accent through your hair. To add even more sparkle, pick multiple stud earrings if you have multiple piercings. This gives a layered look and adds more pizzazz to a casual ‘hair down’ ensemble.

      Gold Chattering Skull Studs

Agneta Bugyte Pierced Silver Textured Globe Studs (Left)| £110.00
XISSJEWELLERY 14kt Gold Star Studs Earrings (Middle)| £90.00
Roz Buerhlen Gold Chattering Skull Studs (Right)| £30.00


Up-do = Hoops

Whether you’re rocking a high ponytail or a low bun, it is vital to wear earrings that compliment the hairstyle. When hair is pulled back from the face, you’re more exposed and your features and ears are more visible. It is important to frame the face, like your hair normally would. As there is a lot of space between your up-do and your shoulders, fill this with a pair of drop earrings. Pick a pair of earrings that will look good from all angles. This is where hoops come in. The perfect spherical shape of the hoop look as good from the back as they do from the front. Depending on what length hoops you’re wearing, it’ll add length to your face and balance out the up-do you’re rocking. If you want to liven up the classic hoop style, wear a pair that are interlinked with other hoops, like the Carlisle Earrings from House of Urban.


My Bling | Plated Sterling Silver Moon Earrings (Left)| £66.00
House of Urban Yellow Gold Plated Carlisle Earrings (Middle)| £110.00
LARA HEEMS Silver Plated Oval White Hoops (Right)| £145.00

Side swept hair = Chandelier earrings

The side swept hair look is a classic feminine style that leaves one side of the face open and the other covered by hair. This dainty hairstyle calls for an equally dainty and feminine pair of earrings. Chandelier earrings are a great way to add more shape to the face and even out the beautiful locks that accent the other side of your face. Chandelier earrings are whimsical and elegant, so pick a pair that are adorned with diamonds to really show off your bling.

   Sapphire Chandelier Earrings   

Mara Hotung Shalimar Earrings (Left)| £2,280.00
SILVER YULAN Sapphire Chandelier Earrings (Middle)| £3,299.00

Pixie cut = Cuffs, jackets & climbers

Psst! Play with symmetry

Pixie haircuts are bold and daring so make your earrings bold and daring too! Cuffs, jackets and climbers are earring types that take up most of the ear or hang elegantly from different parts of the ear. This style is perfect for those with multiple piercings, as you can jazz up your ears to rival your new striking ‘do. Pixie cuts are also a great style to experiment with jewellery, specifically asymmetrical earrings. To create a dramatic look to go with your pixie cut, pick earrings that mismatch with one another or adopt a style which is dark, edgy and metallic.

Gold Seafire Ear Cuff With Champagne Diamond   Yellow Gold Plated Gabriel Angel Wing Ear Climber - Right   

Bergsoe Gold Seafire Ear Cuff With Champagne Diamond (Left)| £286.00
Latelita London Yellow Gold Plated Gabriel Angel Wing Ear Climber (Middle)| £75.00
Borgioni Baguette Quad Ear Cuff (Right)| £3,097.00

Half-up half-down = Pearls

Half-up half-down is a very feminine style. Whether you’re wearing a high pony in your half-up style or a ‘soft’ up-do that sits at the centre of the back of the head, half-up half-down is a beautiful elegant hairstyle that should be the centre of attention. Keep the hair the main event and accessorise with dainty and girly accents. Pearls are classic, timeless and will never go out of style. Pearls are a neutral colour so are perfect to wear with a half-up half-down style so as to make the hair the main event. Pick pearl studs that hang just below the earlobe for extra length that will leave them wanting more.

9kt Gold Small Lily Pearl Earstuds      

Amanda Cox Jewellery | 9kt Gold Small Lily Pearl Earstuds (Left)| £220.00
ORA Pearls 14kt Gold Classic Pink & Gold Pearl Stud Earrings (Middle)| £80.00

Braids = Tassel earrings

Whether you’re wearing a side braid, French plaits or a fishtail braid, tassel earrings are the perfect accessory to go with this boho-chic style. Tassel earrings add more texture to a look and combined with the texture of the intricate braid style, it gives extra depth to the ensemble. Braids are the ideal hairstyle for hippie and bohemian accessories. Experiment with fun tassel earrings or introduce a pop of colour with turquoise drop earrings for more boho style.

Faith Tassel Drop Leverback Earrings      

Designs by Jak | Faith Tassel Drop Leverback Earrings (Left)| £48.00
Cosanuova Turquoise Tassel Earrings (Middle)| £94.00
Naomi Davies Jewellery Sterling Silver & Leather Eyelet Tassel Earrings (Right)| £89.00

Fringe = Drop earrings

A fringe or bangs hang over the forehead and whether they’re layered or straight across, they regularly receive a revival in the fashion industry. A fringe makes the face look smaller, so pick earrings that will give length to the face. Drop earrings are so versatile, as they come in so many different styles and sizes. Pick bold colours, like rose gold for extra colour and sparkle.


Nadia Minkoff Yellow Gold Plated Baguette Cluster Magma Earrings (Middle)| £50.00
Murkani Jewellery Rose Gold Goddess Hanging Earrings (Right)| £202.00