Editor's picks

As editors at JewelStreet, we see a lot of jewellery on a daily basis. Needless to say, as three young women with a keen interest in fashion and independent design, it’s a dream! Each of us have very different styles, but that’s what’s so great about JewelStreet. With over 200 designers from all over the world, there is something for everyone. Each and every woman has their own unique style. Perhaps you like bold statement earrings that demand attention. Or maybe you prefer delicate and dainty jewellery that is understated and chic. Either way, you’re guaranteed to find a piece that you adore.

The best thing about jewellery is that it lasts forever. When you invest in quality items, you can reinvent your style using these pieces in many different ways. Even so, autumn is a great time to refresh your look. Summer is slowly fading, which, for many, is not an occasion to celebrate. But with the coming of a new season, there is endless inspiration to refine your autumn wardrobe. Fashion tends to learn towards functionality this time of year, offering a key opportunity to let your jewellery do the talking.

Discover our editors’ favourite AW jewellery pieces. Each of us has chosen a piece of jewellery to revitalise our winter wardrobes. Why not follow suit and find your perfect piece?

Gold chain choker by Laura Adele Jewellery - £38

Our head of marketing, Vivianne, loves gold jewellery. In fact, I'm not sure I’ve ever spotted her wearing silver. Don’t be fooled by her incredible diamond engagement ring - it’s white gold, of course. From gemstone fashion rings to sleek gold hoops, Vivianne makes her style her own by layering lots of gorgeous gold jewellery.

Recently at the JewelStreet pop-up shop in Oxford, Vivianne was in jewellery paradise meeting one of her favourite designers, Laura from Laura Adele Jewellery. Laura’s brand is renowned for its signature dainty gold pieces, including this gold chain choker necklace. This beautiful piece sits elegantly at the base of your neck, forming the perfect foundation to a contemporary layered look. Layer your gold pendant like Vivianne and channel some high-fashion finesse.

Baroque pearl bee earrings by Latelita London - £149

Like Vivianne, our creative marketeer Natasha has multiple piercings, so you’ll always find her adorned with stylish earrings. Also favouring gold, Tash was instantly drawn to the rose gold drop pearl earrings by Latelita London. Tash’s style can be described as subtle sparkle with a slight edge. She loves those show-stopping pieces like these earrings, which she styles to make contemporary and chic.

If you, like Natasha, love a little glamour, then Latelita London’s range of statement earrings will be your jewellery paradise.

Peridot bracelet by Latelita London - £39

Beth also likes to add some sparkle into her life through her jewellery. Whether it’s with her gorgeous SVP gemstone ring or her gorgeous Lily Blanche locket. Like many of the JewelStreet editors, Beth has those key jewellery pieces that elevate any and every outfit. It was no surprise that Latelita London’s peridot gemstone bracelet caught Beth’s eye. The delicate cut peridot is understated and elegant, enhancing Beth’s sophisticated style perfectly.

Latelita London have a stunning range of peridot jewellery, perfect for August birthday gifts or for anyone who has an affinity with this gorgeous gemstone - like Beth. Beth paired this bracelet with Latelita London’s matching drop earrings for a refined look that radiates elegance.

 Gold rose necklace by Roz Buehrlen - £150

I’d say my jewellery collection is pretty eclectic. From glamorous gemstone earrings inherited from my mother to costume jewellery pieces I’ve collected over the years. Like the rest of my team, I like to find unique pieces that enhance my style.

When meeting Roz Buehrlen at the JewelStreet pop-up shop, I immediately fell in love with her designs. She even made me a bespoke skull ring during our Meet the Maker event, which I was thrilled with. I have two favourite pieces from Roz’s collection. The first is a skull jacket earring which I wear every day. I never wear matching earrings, so this piece is perfect for my style. My second pick is this stunning rose enamel necklace - it adds a subtle flash of colour to any outfit.