Elton John is a music icon. What’s new? Whilst the release of the much-anticipated biopic Rocketman sends admirers into a musical frenzy, (is that the plosive pulse of Bennie and the Jets I hear?) the film’s fashion perspective arguable is a stronger incentive to plunge into the lycra and latex life of Sir Elton John. As a legend whose style has inspired numerous fashion subcultures, his style oeuvre harbours just as much significance as his music. Delve into the King of camp’s gloriously eclectic wardrobe as we unpeel the glittering layers of a musical marvel.

1975 Hollywood Walk of Fame

 Elton John

Embellished with the names of Hollywood actors and actresses, Elton John accepted his star on the Walk of Fame in classic Elton John fashion - flamboyant, fun and fabulous. Wearing a striking gold suit adorned with gold gemstones, a matching gold bowler hat and gold platform shoes, what better way to channel stardom than by dressing as a star? This photograph epitomises the 70s, among checked flares on the Hollywood boulevard, an icon shows the world why he’s iconic. 

1975 with Cher

Elton John Cher

With Elton John and Cher in the same room, there’s no such thing as excess. In a succession of rhinestones, satin and feathers, the two iconic performers made camp the style of the century. Sporting his signature look of extravagant sunglasses and gaudy-chic suits, Elton John proves that the 70s truly was the golden age of fashion. Cher, with her delicious curls and shining outfit made the perfect accompaniment to Elton John’s ensemble.

1985 Prince of pearls

Elton John London

Pearls have made a massive comeback this year, with the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Kate Middleton sporting the oldest gemstone. This timeless gemstone also has the potential to be striking and bold - just look at how Elton John creates an outrageous look wearing strings of pearl necklaces in the 80s. The star is often photographed wearing this dazzling jewel, why not channel some XL style like Elton John with pearl jewellery that stands out from the crowd?

1988 performing

Elton John Performing

Sometimes sequins just aren’t enough to make a statement… Elton John’s solution? Style with a pair of glittering angel wings, a halo, and watch your style soar to heavenly realms. This photograph screams with 80s nostalgia. Colour, texture and flamboyance, Elton John inspired millions of people to channel their authentic style with conviction. Wearing a translucent crystal drop earring, his look is complete with just the right amount of attention to detail. 

2019 Cannes Film Festival with Taron Egerton

Elton John Taron Egerton Cannes FIlm Festival 2019

Nearly 50 years one from the ornate suits, florid shades and glitzy textures, what is Sir Elton John wearing? That’s right, ornate suits, florid shades, and glitzy textures. The star’s appearance at the recent Cannes Film Festival showcased all the classic components of his aesthetic: an electric Gucci ensemble accessorised with yet another pair of signature sunglasses. His pocket, embroidered with Rocketman in a floral motif, made a very special addition to his unique look, marking the achievement of his biopic.

Rocketman is now showing in cinemas and we cannot wait to see it. The larger-than-life costumes created by Julian Day epitomise the pageantry and carnivalesque fantasies of a musical legend like Elton John. If there’s one lesson to learn from the icon, it’s be you, and be you with pride.