Don't let this animal trend fly past you!

Have birds flying around your neck, and snakes slithering up your wrists. The minimal to the mad, be brave and you can pull off anything. We get that it may be a challenge to display animalistic jewellery with it being a very bold trend, but here on JewelStreet we have pieces that you really cannot leave behind. Take on this animal trend by exploring our jungle of stunning animalistic jewellery.


Don't be afraid to jump into this animal trend - all the major design houses have!

Marc Jacobs paired beautiful, gemstone encrusted lizards and ladybirds with his floral jewellery pieces. Gigi Hadid donned yet another set of wings, this time for Bottega Veneta.  And who could forget Karlie Kloss walking herself and a pair of dazzling equine inspired earrings down the runway for Brandon Maxwell.


                                  Diamond Filigree Butterfly Pendant Necklace 9kt Gold | Horse Stud Earrings

Choose from one-of-a-kind rings that will catch everyone's eyes, from the small and delicate animal pieces to the gemstone coated ones. Whether you are adventurous or have more of an elegant style, there is something animalistic waiting to feed your animal addiction. 

For the fearless -

Have feisty wolves take pride of place with our everyday ring collection, stunning snakes gliding up your wrists or cheeky monkeys climbing around your neck. Check out our favourites -


         Gold Small Ring With Leather | Year of the Monkey Limited Edition Pendant | Kew Serpent Yellow Gold Ruby Bangle


                                                                    Majestic Stag Ring | 14kt Diamond Horse Pendant

For the dainty -

If you fancy more of a subtle approach to this trend then don't you worry we have small and dainty options for you. Have butterflies land on your hands, and dragonflies politely relax around your neck. Here are our favourite few -


         Dragon-Fly Lucky Charm Pendant | 18kt Rose and White Gold Ring With Diamonds | "Woodlands" Birdy Hoops


                          Filigree Monarch Butterfly Brooch in 24kt Rose Gold | Silver Swallow torc bangle

For the sweet -

This is the cutest collection, with cats, dogs, bees and more. Perfect for Spring time heading into summer, wear these delicate animal pieces handcrafted to perfection in order to make you look fabulous. Check our favourites - 


                                       Rose Gold Bee Locket | "Woodlands" Bunny Ring | Pet Jewels Collection Dog Necklace


                                              Sterling Silver & Pink Gold Cat Origami Necklace | Bumble Bee Brooch

Grab some beautiful animal pieces from our independent designers now, don't miss out!