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If you want colours to match any gemstone.

In creations of extraordinary artistry.

That no other material can match. 

Then it's time for you to shop enamel jewellery.


Enjoy everything special and good about enamel jewellery with KIMLI. These Georgian-made wonders give you colour, delicacy, detail, and magic. Embrace these art- and nature-inspired pieces this summer and forever.

Cristina Cipolli Jewellery

When you want simple, bold slashes of colour look at the enamel work of UK-based Cristina Cipolli. See how her stripes highlight carefully placed stones. You'll feel energised and uplifted by these fun, contemporary design classics.

Extra enamel

18kt yellow-gold & enamel earrings with white diamonds by Falamank by Tarfa Itan.
Vintage enamel multicolor flowers statement necklace by FUCHSIA by Izumi Tahara.
Anthea diamond and enamel blue flower ring by Liz Phillips.
18kt rose-gold Flow through my Heart pendant by Heting Jewellery.
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Imagine wearing any one of these pieces. 

Their bright colours and intricate detail inspire you to be your best self. 

A work of art you can wear every day. 

And, you can rely on JewelStreet's famous concierge service to handle your order, with 28-day returns on many products. 

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