Throughout the years, we’ve continuously been inspired by royalty, whether it’s their beautiful wedding dresses, rousing speeches or naughty scandals. The Royal Family are a huge figure in British history and something that makes us Brits very proud of our heritage. Whether you’re a Royalist or not, we’re all obsessed with their lives! How else do you explain the amount of people who travelled halfway around the world to catch a glimpse of Meghan and Harry’s wedding? Or the extensive televised footage and camera crew that flocked outside the hospital when William and Kate had their children?

Another part of the royal’s lives that we can’t seem to get enough of is their jewellery collections. Marie Antoinette’s jewellery collection is still being unveiled and in 2018, a pearl belonging to her sold at auction for $36million. For decades past and years to come, royal engagement rings are constant inspiration for those who are thinking of popping the question. Last year, we saw Prince Harry and Jack Brooksbank design engagement rings for Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie respectively. In the past year, the jewellery industry has seen a rise in family heirlooms being used in engagement rings since Prince Harry used diamonds from his mother Princess Diana and more people are designing rings with their partner.

Inspired by the royals throughout history, let’s take a look at the most iconic royal engagement rings and ways you can replicate them in your own engagement.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamonds

Queen Elizabeth II was married to Prince Philip in 1947. He proposed to her with a platinum three-carat diamond solitaire ring, flanked by five smaller diamonds on each side. The diamonds came from the Duke of Edinburgh’s late mother Princess Alice’s tiara and the ring was created by Philip Antrobus. Diamonds are a classic jewel used in engagement rings, due to their timeless and classic quality. Keep it traditional with a diamond engagement ring - diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all!

Harry Kotlar Round Brilliant Classico Ring | £32,118.00

Princess Diana’s Sapphire

The world loved Princess Diana for her beauty and charity work and nicknamed her ‘The People’s Princess’. Lady Diana Spencer became a member of the royal family by marrying Prince Charles. He presented her with an engagement ring designed by Garrard which Diana picked out herself. The ring was rumoured to have been chosen due to its resemblance to the colour of her eyes. It consists of an oval 12 carat Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by 14 diamonds and set in white gold. It has since been given to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge as an engagement ring which she still wears to this day. Sapphires are a beautiful gem for engagement rings, symbolising trust and faithfulness. Give your own sapphire to your beloved to show them that your love is everlasting.

Flavie Michou | Dew Drop Blue Sapphire Ring | £2,350.00

The Duchess of York’s Ruby

Sarah Ferguson, or as she is lovingly nicknamed ‘Fergie’, is the former wife of Prince Andrew and another member of the royal family adored by the public, much like Diana. Her engagement ring consisted of an oval Burmese ruby surrounded by 10 diamonds and set in white and yellow gold. Like Diana’s ring, it was designed by Garrard and the ruby was supposedly chosen to match her red hair. Her daughter, Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is rumoured to have been inspired by her mother’s. Rubies are considered the stone of love and passion, so give the colour of love to your other half in the form of a ruby red engagement ring.

Andrew Geoghegan | Chapiteau Ruby 33pt Yellow Gold Ring | £2,626.00

Queen Victoria’s Serpent

The love that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert shared was undeniable. She was a fierce ruler for 64 years, but went into deep mourning and avoided public appearances when her beloved Albert died. Her engagement ring was an unusual one. It was in the shape of a serpent with a mix of emeralds, rubies and diamonds. At the time, snakes represented wisdom, commitment and loyalty. Pick something colourful and with a mix of stones if you’re inspired by Queen Victoria. Stray away from the traditional engagement ring or wedding band with an interesting design, like the Queen’s serpent.

Yael Designs | Monardella Ring | £4,971.00

Princess of Monaco’s Two Rings

The famous actress Grace Kelly became the Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier III. He proposed to her with a ring with interlocking diamonds and rubies and then followed up by buying her an even bigger ring. The second ring was a Cartier designed, 10.47 carat emerald-cut diamond, set between two diamond baguettes. Extravagant and luxurious, take a page out of Prince Rainier’s book and propose… twice! Just kidding. Decide what kind of ring you want to go for, whether it’s a simple band with a mix of stones or a jaw-dropping rock!

Rose Carvalho | Kaleidoscope Square WT Ring | £5,134.00

Marie Antoinette’s Blue Diamond

The last Queen of France before the French Revolution made a lasting impression in our minds. A lover of jewellery, her jewellery collections are still being discovered today and contain pearls, diamonds and once, the Hope Diamond. King Louis XVI proposed to Marie Antoinette with a 5.64 carat pear-cut blue diamond solitaire. The enormous blue diamond was faintly in the shape of a heart and was one of many diamonds in Marie Antoinette’s collection. Blue diamonds are rare and valuable. Put a colourful twist on your engagement ring by picking coloured diamonds. The classic diamond is still present but with a modern and colourful upgrade.


Wallis Simpson’s Emerald

Prince Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson and ultimately became the Duke of Windsor, leaving the throne to his brother King George. Edward proposed to Wallis with a 19.77 carat emerald ring. The inside of the band was inscribed with ‘We are ours now 27 x 36’, the date he proposed to her. Associated with love and rebirth, emeralds are a gorgeous green stone, perfect for use in engagement rings. Have your ring inscribed with names or dates for a personal touch.


Marcello Riccio | Emerald Diamond Ring - Octagonal | £1,350.00