When you purchase a piece from an ethical jewellery brand, you don’t just get a beautiful item of jewellery. You give something back to the world. So many of our wonderful brands make their jewellery to high ethical standards. Whether it’s reducing wastage in their manufacturing process, sourcing their materials responsibly, or donating profits to a charity. There are so many steps brands can take to strengthen their ethical stance. I want to spotlight some of our amazing designers, highlighting the ways they ensure their jewellery remains ethical.


Little Joy Jewellery

 Ethical Jewellery

Lauren Griffiths, the founder, designer and maker of Little Joy Jewellery handmakes minimalist jewellery that’s simple yet chic. Lauren’s brand has earned Fairtrade status. Ethical practice and sustainability are at the heart of Little Joy Jewellery. Her pieces are inspired by the organic forms of nature, visible in this dainty and textured necklace. Feel like you are doing your deed to the earth by purchasing jewellery that’s made in an eco-friendly way.



Ethical Jewellery


Located in the centre of Essex, Vurchoo provides charities across the globe with financial and educational support for those less fortunate. The Hun Pitou collection was influenced by a young girl he met in Cambodia. These ethical pieces are not only a timeless keepsake but also save the lives of children in multiple countries. Alex, the designer and founder of Vurchoo, believes your jewellery should tell a story. What better story to tell than one that gives back to the world?


Alexander Jewel

Ethical Jewellery

This stunning whale tail pendant is part of the BE-Jewelled endangered species line to benefit global conservation organization, WildAid. Made from 18kt eco-friendly gold, this pendant is a luxury piece with an ethical edge. Only 2.3% of our oceans are officially protected. Your purchase of the Humpback Whale Tail Pendant will help WildAid reduce illegal and unsustainable fishing practices which threaten marine habitats.

Molten Wedding Rings

Ethical jewellery 

If you’re tying the knot with your beloved, wouldn’t you rather spend your money on wedding rings that are ethically made? With every look at your gorgeous ring, you’ll see an emblem of your love made with sensitivity and integrity. Molten Wedding Rings’ selection of wedding bands are breathtaking. Feel amazing with an extra-special piece of jewellery that reminds you how beautiful the world can be.

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