Each year, it gets harder and harder to find the perfect gift. Everything has been done before, seen before, worn before. When you’re buying a present for someone special, you need to think exclusive, rare and unique. You can’t find any of those three things on the high street. Bespoke jewellery is the answer. But how does the process of designing your own jewellery work? And how can you see it through from drawing to completion?

Bespoke engagement rings say “I Love You” more than words possibly could. A bespoke birthday gift shows you have invested time and thought in your present. I have the solution to make your bespoke jewellery dream a reality. You have so many designers at your fingertips here on JewelStreet. Whatever style you desire, we have the perfect designer match for you. Get in touch with your creative side, and inject a little personality into your jewellery designs. The process is so easy…


Bespoke is sentimental. The recipient of a bespoke piece of jewellery will treasure it forever. Whatever piece you choose to design will be precious, and is likely to become a new family heirloom. That means it needs to be perfect. From the idea in your mind, to the finished piece. Have you considered if the piece will suit the recipient? Is there a special meaning behind the design idea? In order to bring your ideas to fruition, you need to source a jewellery maker that aligns with your style. 

Do you want it to be elegant and eye-catching? Choose CRESBER.

18kt White Gold Bohemme Colour Spring Earrings   18kt White Gold Bohemme Contrast Earrings   18kt White Gold Bohemme Tourmaline Spring Earrings

CRESBER | 18kt White Gold Bohemme Colour Spring Earrings, 18kt White Gold Bohemme Contrast Earrings, 18kt White Gold Bohemme Tourmaline Spring Earrings | £1,417.00, £442.00 and £947.00

Do you want it to be contemporary and stylish? Choose Imperfect Grace.

 Yellow Gold Svitlana Diamond-Shaped Ring   Solomia Bar Necklace   Adriana Earrings

Imperfect Grace | Yellow Gold Svitlana Diamond-Shaped Ring, Solomia Bar Necklace, Adriana Earrings | £648.00, £944.00 and £624.00

Do you want it to be colourful and radiant? Choose Donatella Balsamo.

 Amazonia Green Drop Earrings   Amazonia Red Onyx Chain Necklace Gold Plated   Amazonia Tree Branch Ring - Green Onyx

Donatella Balsamo | Amazonia Green Drop Earrings, Amazonia Red Onyx Chain Necklace Gold Plated, Amazonia Tree Branch Ring - Green Onyx | £75.00, £80.00 and £65.00

Point being, there are SO many different jewellery designers you can choose to work with. They can commission a piece to your specification, and are happy to cater to your requirements. You’re not just getting a bespoke piece of jewellery here. You’re supporting independent designers to continue doing what they do best. Not only will your piece of jewellery have your own stamp on it… it will also carry the story of the jeweller. What could be more special than that?


Your design idea may be complex and intricate. Thus, it may be difficult to convey this idea across purely through the written word. Why not try your hand at drawing, and send a sketch of the utopic design you’ve imagined to us? This will ensure that the designers remain on brief and truly turn your vision into a reality. Your drawing skills don’t matter, as long as we get the general feel and idea of what you’re after. The more detail in your drawing, the better. Additionally, you could send a couple of inspiration pictures, or pictures of jewellery you would like your bespoke piece to look similar to - but not exactly like. 

Following your submission for a bespoke piece of jewellery, your chosen designer will be in contact. They will also do detailed sketches of the work, so that you can see and confirm the design before it transitions to the making stage. Once you have approved these finalised sketches, your designer will start to handcraft your jewellery. 


Once your design has been finished, you will be contacted by our bespoke team to review the piece. This is when you will get to see your dream piece in physicalised form for the first time. All the creativity and effort you put into the concept paid off. Your loved one will be so pleased with this design. It is meaningful. It is unique. It is you. They can carry a little piece of you around with them, through a piece of jewellery that you invested your time in making. No gift could be more thoughtful.