'The bigger the bead the more casual the bracelet.'

Save the bigger marbled ones for the weekends! For the more formal everyday look keep it simple?

Men's beaded bracelets are once again becoming more popular, it seems the trend does keep coming and going but, this time there are plenty more choices. Luckily JewelStreet have a vast range of pieces to choose from.

Layered or not... Both are effective and add something, you can wear them alone or even placed next to a watch. They come in a variety of materials, maybe even throw on a leather bracelet or a silver bangle to add more depth.

Last year was all about the heavy Leather bracelets, so don't be shy about taking on the beaded style. Most men will wear all pieces on one arm, but don't stick to the rules. Balance it out a little and add to both wrists.

These are easily worn as they are so versatile. If you wanted to stick to the simplistic look... 

Leonardo Bracelet | Byron

Or if your style is a bit more out there and adventurous...

Fit for a Prince... He makes them look effortless, add them any outfit. If Prince Harry is spotted wearing Beaded Bracelets, then you should be too!

We have 500 independent designers, we think you will be able to find the perfect men's bracelet to add to your collection.