Launched in 2015, the Confetti collection was the defining moment for designer Samantha Rose where she found her design style and evolved as an artist.

For Samantha, every single design starts with a story whether it’s based on folklore, tradition or ancient symbolism. Her Confetti collection is inspired by love and the tradition of throwing flower petals at a wedding. “I wanted to capture the softness of a petal in precious metal, but also make it look as though a drop of water had formed the shape of a petal on impact with the ground, under the influence of gravity. The pieces are a petal one way up and a very three dimensional heart the other.”

The fluid collection features five designs, from a small and large pendant to stud earrings and cufflinks. Achieving the softness, fluidity of design and liquid finish that Samantha had envisioned meant she had to push her skills as a ‘CAD surfacer’ to the limit.

“The surface of the pieces had to be perfect, otherwise any minute inflection would be clearly visible and detract from the design. I have nearly ten years of experience surfacing race car aerodynamic components for Mercedes Benz, such as bodywork and wings - parts that require the highest level of surface detail and quality of finish to perform at their maximum. All of these surfaces are highly complex and sensitive to imperfections. I used all of this knowledge and accrued skill and applied it to my petal design.”

Available in certified Fairmined silver and gold, the collection is cast and hand polished to a mirror shine, and Samantha took great care and consideration to the reflections created, ensuring they evoke water and have a flowing liquid quality.

confetti-space-rose-gold18kt Small Yellow Gold Confetti Pendant

The feel and softness of the petal were critical in sculpting its form. “I wanted it to feel soft like a petal even though it is made of metal. I play with my jewellery a lot when I’m thinking and I wanted Confetti to feel like a sea sculpted pebble and be nice to fiddle with. I hope that someone wearing a piece of my Confetti collection will be reminded of lovely days spent by the sea, of happy days either at their own wedding or those of friends and feel loved and cherished.”

This collection brings together all the facets of Samantha’s artistic and engineering background, resulting in unique, sculptural pieces of jewellery that reflect her as a designer. “My background is fairly unusual and my design inspirations are eclectic ranging from water to ballet through fluid dynamics and physics, which I hope makes my pieces distinctive.”

The Confetti collection can be customised with gemstones or engraving, with the most popular customisation being couples having their wedding date engraved on the back of the petal. “I created a special version of the large pendant for myself, which has pink sapphires set into the tip of the petal using the pink sapphires my parents gave me for my 30th birthday.”

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