We take a look into the history and myths behind fire opal meaning; a fiery gemstone with the warm colours of fire. Shop fire opal jewellery.

What is fire opal?

Fire opal is the name given to transparent and translucent opals with a warm brown, yellow, orange or red body colour; a fire-like hue. Typically opals are known for the flashes of spectral colours that can been seen when they are turned under light; fire opals do not usually show any play of colour, however occasionally they will exhibit bright green flashes. One of the most famous sources of fire opals is found in the state of Querétaro in Mexico, and these opals are more commonly known as Mexican fire opals.

The signature characteristic of fire opal is the burning hue of yellow, orange or red that acts as a uniform background of colour throughout the stone; these warm shades are thought to be caused by the presence of small amounts of iron. Typically fire opals that are red in colour are more desirable and valuable, and yellow shades are less sought after.

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Fire opal meaning

Throughout history there have been a range of myths and opinions on what the true fire opal meaning is and what it can bring to the wearer. In gemstone therapy, opals are generally regarded as stones which people choose intuitively when they are working on a particular aspect of their personality. Similarly, fire opal meaning is linked with helping to make feelings flow and resolve blockages.

Some believe that fire opal meaning brings the wearer courage, stamina, willpower and energy. Due to their force, fire opals help disperse outdated ways of thinking and make room for new ones. The stone’s warm orange-red colour has a positive effect on the psyche, and conveys feelings of peace and harmony. Fire opal meaning is also often believed to help protect against danger, help people remove themselves from situations of injustice or mistreatment, and release feelings of grief.

You might not know...

Fire opal has a Mohs hardness rating of 5.5 to 6; soft enough that it can be easily scratched by many objects that it might encounter. It can also be easily chipped or broken, so when it’s used in jewellery, earrings, pins, and pendants that usually are not subjected to rough wear are best.

The fire opal is the lucky stone of people born under the sign Aries.

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