Join us in a five-minute chat with jewellery designer and founder of the London-based brand Ware Collective, Charlotte Coombs as she tells us why she started her brand and much more!

How did your brand begin?

I launched Ware in July 2022 with the aim of redefining luxury with innovative silverware.

I wanted to create a product that is luxurious not by name but by nature, using materials of exceptional quality in designs that are beautifully simple.

As a trained gemmologist and fine jeweller, I was driven to apply the principle of lasting value that comes with diamonds to fashion accessories and everyday essentials.

By wholly casting lifestyle items in sterling silver, or by the addition of a precious metal tag to attire, Ware elevates the every day to delightfully superfluous status.

Values are really important to us at JewelStreet. What are your core brand values?

A timeless aesthetic of considered forms made with recognisable and quality materials. We use precious metals and ethically sourced leather, cotton and cashmere.
Integrity - less noise, more substance. Luxury products with real value.

How are your products made?

Our products are designed and sourced by me at my home studio in Notting Hill, London.

The core Tag collection was born of a long conceptual thought process to reflect the brand's core values. It's an objection to the shallow nature of the luxury industry.

The design of our other jewellery pieces is far more spontaneous. I take inspiration from universally recognised symbols - the body and nature - but primarily the designs are rooted in the natural beauty and fluidity of sterling silver.

What are your go-to style tips?

Quality over quantity stands the test of time. Invest in jewellery because it will always fit and never age! Jewellery also holds wonderful sentimental value that makes wearing it all the more enjoyable.

How do your brand values align with those of JewelStreet?

We are a brand still in our infancy, learning every day and very passionate about our product.

To be part of a community of emerging designers is exciting and rewarding. Uplifting creatives, small businesses and sustainability are so important.

Unique, considered design and exceptional quality materials are at the heart of our brand.

We make wearable and lasting pieces, using only the most skilled craftsman and offering transparency to our customers.

If you could only wear one piece from your collection, what would it be and why?

I live in my Tag necklace, heavy chain ring and baby link earrings.

The necklace and ring are statement pieces so make any outfit, no matter how simple, look effortlessly stylish.

The earrings, I never take out. They are like naked jewellery. Light and delicate yet surprisingly impactful, you can wear them solo or stacked, or even threaded through multiple piercings.

Thank you for talking with us today Charlotte!

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