Our theme of the week is blossom. Spring has Sprung and we’re fully embracing the beauty of Springtime and the promise of warmer months. Now it’s hardly revolutionary to say that when we think of Springtime and blossom, we think of blooming flowers, growing buds and baby animals. Spring, as does our focus of the week, embraces themes of rebirth, joy, renewal and growth. Spring is happy, romantic and unashamedly over the top with flowers to spare.

Flora and fauna fit beautiful into our blossom theme. While we automatically think of florals and bright colours for Spring, we seem to forget fauna. Let me give you a quick science lesson on flora and fauna. Flora is plant life and fauna is the corresponding animal life. The word ‘flora’ derives from the Latin name of Flora, the goddess of plants, fertility and flowers and ‘fauna’ is the name for the Roman goddess of earth and fertility. Now that we’ve got the boring stuff out of the way, flora and fauna go hand in hand, in science classes and nature itself.

But in jewellery, who is the true winner? What’s your pick - Flora or Fauna?

Flowers vs Bees

Now this might be a contradiction because essentially bees and flowers cannot live without each other. But we’re not talking science anymore! We’re talking jewellery. Flowers in jewellery have stood the test of time. Whether its delicate daisies, blooming roses or pretty pansies, florals in jewellery are classic and timeless, but are up-to-date and groundbreaking all at the same time. Flowers are feminine, fancy and are the perfect way to inject colour into your jewellery repertoire.


Fei Liu Double Pearl Rose Pendant (Middle)| £100.00
GEFEN JEWELRY | 14kt Yellow Gold Chandi Earrings (Right)| £681.00

More and more designers are using bees in their jewellery recently, not just because of their beauty but because of their significance to our world. Without bees, our ecosystem would suffer catastrophically. Designers are using the symbol of bees to promote awareness of saving them and focusing on the environment around us.


Lily Blanche Bee Bangle Gold (Left)| £110.00
Latelita London Silver Honey Bee Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings (Middle)| £149.00
Deborah Blyth Jewellery | Sterling Silver Bee Chain Link Cufflinks (Right)| £105.00

The verdict… Fauna is my winner of this round!

Leaves vs Woodland Creatures

Leaves are greatly overlooked when it comes to flora. Why look at leaves when you can look at flowers’ beautiful colours and delicious scents? Leaves are symbolic in so many ways and can be worn all year round - not just for Spring. Leaves symbolise the process of change, like our theme of the week, blossom. The changing colours of the leaves, shedding of the trees and regrowing is symbolic of rebirth and reinventing oneself. Their classic yet unusual shapes add texture to any look.


Jaime Moreno Designer Jewelry Yellow Gold & Emerald Jardin Necklace (Left)| £1,876.00
Hanus Lamr Sterling Silver Thuja Leaves Earrings (Middle)| £105.00
London Road Jewellery | Exclusive Falling Leaves Gold Bangle (Right)| £795.00

Woodland creatures are exciting in jewellery in so many ways. If you’re an animal lover with a passion for quirky jewellery, this is the collection for you. Woodland creatures are essentially wild animals, yet they are at the end of our fingertips, in our reach yet distanced from us. Woodland life like foxes, rabbits, squirrels and frogs look fun and different in jewellery. Incorporating woodland creatures in jewellery makes a perfect gift for young children, full of whimsical and childlike joy.


Alexander Jewell Frog Cufflinks (Middle)| £4,279.00
Saba Jewellery Copper & Enamel Fox & Crow Necklace (Right)| £123.00

It’s got to be… Fauna for this round too!

Colourful or Natural

This category really depends on personal choice. Some people love bold, bright and colourful jewellery, whereas others prefer more natural, subtle and muted tones. With flora jewellery, colour comes with the territory. Think bright reds, pretty pinks, luxurious yellows and feminine lavenders. If you’re one to shy away from colour, the flora collection is the perfect place to start.


Nobahar Design My Little Perfume Ring In Pink (Left)| £54.00
Krausz Jewellery Lilac Headpiece (Middle)| £235.00
Verifine London Full Bloom 3-Ring Combination (Right)| £1,800.00

Fauna thrives off of more natural block colours. Deep browns, dark greens, cool silvers and warm golds are classic colours, perfect for the person who prefers a low-key neutral look. Blend in with the animals and be at one with nature, with fauna colours.


By Emily Stalking Fox Ring (Left)| £325.00
Le Sibille Bird Earrings (Middle)| £4,139.00
Blush & Bashful Birds On A Wire Ring (Right)| £225.00

Finally… Flora wins this one for me!

Whether you’re passionate for flowers or have a love for animals, discover the Flora and Fauna collections...