“My parents were in the jewellery industry, so even as a child I always dreamt of branching out and creating a collection of my own,” explains New York-based designer, Freida Rothman.

Before starting her own business in 2010, Freida had an active role in the jewellery industry designing collections for other brands. “While working closely with other designers, I noticed a gap in the market that wasn’t being catered for – there weren’t any sterling silver jewellery designers offering new collections on a monthly or bi-monthly basis” she says. And so her journey began.

Her aim was to create something new, exciting and perfectly in-sync with the look and feel of fine jewellery, but without the prohibitive price tags. Freida decided from that point to channel her own sense of style and keen eye for design into her own brand.

Freida explains, “Every piece in my collection is sterling silver and contains hand-set stones. A signature element in my designs is the use of mixed metals, whether it be black and gold, or black and white, with my classic matte finish.” This focus on contrasting colours can be seen in her striking Geometric Stripe Clover Bar earrings, with a lattice of yellow gold-plated crosses atop a black rhodium-plated silver column. Similarly, Freida’s signature matte look can be seen in her Industrial Finish bangle, where black rhodium-plated silver criss-crosses with yellow gold-plated channels and white cubic zirconia.

Geometric Stripe Clover Bar Earrings

Reverse Mixed Thin Bezel Set Of 5 Rings

On top of this palette of black rhodium, yellow gold and striking silver, Freida continually experiments with semi-precious gemstone accents, like green agate, lapis lazuli and turquoise. She says, “Coloured stones are always very well received with my customers as the 'Freida Rothman woman' loves to experiment with bold new accessories, and add fresh elements to her already existing signature pieces.”

When it comes to designing for her loyal and style-conscious customers, Freida finds endless inspiration in her cosmopolitan home city. “I am inspired by the women of New York City,” she explains. “Growing up in New York, I was always surrounded by so many different cultures. Every woman from every culture brings a different perspective to fashion and that to me is really interesting. People always tell me my jewellery looks like it could have been designed in Turkey because of its opulence and the use of the yellow gold, other times people say it looks Italian in design. There are so many variations to my designs, and each customer views the product in a unique way.”

Freida Rotman

Freida Rotman

Freida Rotman

“Every woman from every culture brings a different perspective to fashion and that to me is really interesting."

Freida also has her son to thank for one of her most iconic designs, proving that inspiration can come from even the most unexpected of avenues. “While sketching once at home my then 11-year-old son asked me to sketch a shield necklace with crossover swords. He loves history and is an avid reader. I sketched it, created it and now it is one of the most sentimental pieces in my collection. Every season I update the shield piece, and am often seen wearing the different variations of the necklace. It has now become one of my signature looks.”

Although Freida loves "the look of a strong bangle stack" (admitting that layered wrist wear is her 'go-to styling tip for any woman'), she is excited to take customers on a new adventure with her summer 2016 collection. She admits, “It’s quite different to what I have done in the past and features more open work and more colour. I think it will really resonate with our customers and I am hoping people can appreciate how the brand is evolving each


Metropolitan Shield Necklace

frida rothman-newcollection

Freida Rothman's new summer 2016 collection

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