Happy 4th July (for yesterday) to our neighbours from across the pond! To mark Independence Day in the United States, we’re taking a look at State to State Style and championing five of our US designers. JewelStreet are lucky to have so many incredible US designers that use their surroundings and sense of style to create their unique handcrafted jewellery, from the East Coast to the West Coast. 

Take a look at 5 of JewelStreet’s US designers.

Based in Los Angeles, Oh my Christine Jewelry is a contemporary, feminine jewellery brand that is inspired by the modern woman. Christine K studied at the Gemological Institute of America, before pursuing her passion for beauty and fashion with her own jewellery brand. Oh my Christine Jewelry is clean, simple and high-fashion, using fine materials and precious gemstones, like amethyst, diamond, pearl and morganite. Oh my Christine Jewelry is perfect for everyday, but is equally as special for the bigger moments in life.

Like what you see? Visit Oh my Christine Jewelry here.

London-bred and San Francisco based, Cari Rou founded Carou while travelling and working around the globe. Cari worked at several fashion brands in London before pursuing a career in jewellery. With experience working with Burberry Prorsum and Betty Jackson, Cari knows what’s on trend and what people want. Carou is a modern jewellery brand, inspired by travel, ancient lands and earthly souvenirs. Cari wants her jewellery to tell a story and uses sculptural materials, stunning stones and ethical techniques to do this. Perfect for the Summer, Carou gives women the golden hour glow they need.

Like what you see? Visit Carou here.

Hazel Kuffer draws inspiration from nature and architecture that surrounds her in New York City. Inspired by the elements and tall sculptural buildings that she sees on a daily basis in New York, Hazel creates intricate and classic jewellery, with an edge. Hazel NY’s collections capture the wild beauty of Mother Nature and transforms that raw power into fashionable and wearable jewellery.

Like what you see? Visit Hazel NY here.

ParkFord is a contemporary fine jewellery brand that aspires to create jewellery that strikes a balance between refinement and impact. Using simple materials like gold and silver, ParkFord concentrates on the intricate shapes and details that are sure to pack a punch. A blend of edgy design with bright colours, ParkFord is the perfect combination of vibrancy, subtlety and urban inspiration.

Like what you see? Visit ParkFord here.

Nashville-based, Gabrielle Friedman is inspired by art, architecture and nature. She carves her jewellery out of wax and uses reclaimed gold and recycled diamonds. With an ethos of ‘creation without destruction’, Gabrielle creates rustic and organic jewellery, which is as elegant as it is edgy. Her ancient yet modern aesthetic provides her wearer’s with bold and beautiful jewellery.

Like what you see? Visit Gabrielle Friedman here.