How to propose

My partner and I went to school together, had been friends for years and started dating when we were 18.

Stuart decided to propose on April 3rd 2019.

We were spending a few days in Sicily to celebrate our ten year anniversary and decided on a day trip to Mount Etna (the active volcano).

We were with a Dutch couple and a lovely Italian tour guide.

Stuart originally tried to propose whilst we were alone in a lava field but I didn't realise and walked off! He hadn't got down on one knee, he just told me he loved me I said I loved him back and then turned and carried on walking!

From the lava field, Stuart said he wanted to go back to a crater we had visited earlier. He told me he wanted to take some pictures. Whilst he ran up there fully expecting me to follow, I stayed at the bottom.

When he realised I wasn't with him, he told me to get up there so he could get a good picture of us.

Once at the top, Stuart told me he loved me again. I responded "love you too" whilst thinking we covered this five minutes ago and it's really quite cold out here.

And that's when the ring box appeared and I realised what was happening.

I honestly had no idea but it was perfect and so typical of Stuart to propose when we were alone and on a volcano!

Our tour guide then realised what was happening and came running towards us screaming "Oh my gosh!"

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