Summer is coming and everyone wants to know how to get a great body. Going to the gym and running on the treadmill? It definitely works but just not for me. Although clothing and heels play a crucial role, jewellery is just as important. Wearing the right piece can definitely make you look a few inches taller! 

Read on and learn how to highlight your best feature with our designer jewellery.

1. Long or Lariat Necklace

Pair a long or Lariat necklace with a v-neck or open top, choose one that drops under your neckline at least several inches, it really makes you look taller instantly.

From Left to Right: Zarzif 18kt Gold Sapphire Diamond Long NecklaceMulticolor Long Heart Necklace | Colleen Necklace

2. Hoop Earrings or Big Studs

Hoop earrings might not be everyone’s favourite but who can't rock a pair of sparkling baubles? A pair of sparkly stunners draw attention to the beautiful and confident smile on your face instead of bringing the focus to your hips!


From Left to Right: Organic Hoop Earrings In Rose Gold Plate | Oval Cut Morganite Studs Earrings With Diamonds | 14kt Rose Gold Opal and Diamond Studs - Circle


3. Bangles or Bracelets

Avoid chunky, wide bracelets if you are a petite woman, bold cuffs will even make your arms look shorter. Go for the fine and delicate styles to balance out a round figure, you can also combine a few for a trendy look.


From Left to Right: Hun Pitou Yellow Gold and Silver Rice BraceletWishbone Diamond Bracelet | Golden Round Moon Bracelet