Your bridesmaids have planned your hen do, held your hand during the emotional and stressful times and provided you with the humour you needed when the nerves finally kicked in. Now it’s time to show your lovely ladies just how thankful you are with an engraved gift that they will treasure forever.

Whether messages, important dates or dainty symbols: our selection of engraving options allows you to create unique and meaningful pieces of jewellery. Let your creativity run wild and watch your girls tears fall before you even say, “I do”.

Posh Totty Designs:  Personalised Solid Disc Necklace - £69.00

Choosing the perfect piece of jewellery to personalise can seem like a challenge. Our advice? Necklaces are the best place to start. Chic, easy-to-wear and versatile, necklaces are classic treasures.


Affordable and whimsical, Posh Totty Designs’ evoke powerful emotions and connections. And that is sure to show with The Personalised Coin Necklace; a classic beauty of a pendant.

Adorned with a timeless appeal, the adorable Solid Disc Necklace is the perfect way to convey a cherished memory, an inside joke or an eye-watering quote. Each necklace is individually handmade, and each personalisation is hand stamped rather than machine engraved, adding that extra personal touch.

And the choice is yours. You can choose a pendant made in sterling silver, 9kt rose gold or 9kt yellow gold on a chain of 18”, 24”, 30” or 36”. Something different for each of your bridesmaids.

And the personalisation doesn’t stop there. You have the personal choice of two letter finishes for your engravement - a black finish, to make your message bold, or a clear finish, for a subtle, dainty look.

This necklace will show your bridesmaids just how much they matter.

Under the Rose: Personalised Rose Gold Nugget Bracelet - £99.00

Replace those handmade friendship bracelets that you proudly made for each other when you were kids with elegant and feminine versions.


Capture your precious relationship with the Personalised Nugget Bracelet - a statement of simplicity. Designer brand Under the Rose reinvents our Chad Valley Jewellery Bead Set designs with luxury, style and charm.

A sparkling single strand bracelet made of handcrafted nugget beads, personalised with a tiny tag, will make more than just your bridesmaids day. Add their initials to make the bracelet truly personal to them or add the date of your wedding to create a shared, everlasting memory.

Hilary & June: Sterling Silver Personalised Disc Necklace - £105.00

The best kinds of jewellery are the ones with personal stories. They are the little amulets your bridesmaids will carry with them at all times.


Present your bridesmaids with the Sterling Silver Personalised Disc Necklace, and feature the 3 best words you would use to describe them. On the day of gifting them this impeccable necklace, tell the story behind your chosen words. Kind, creative and truly beautiful, this moment will be cherished forever, and this necklace will be cherished for eternity.

What’s more, if your bride squad are in the same colour and style dresses, this is the perfect gift to add a flair of individuality With a different engraving for each of your girls, this piece will bring an essence of uniqueness to their attire.

Personalise until your heart’s content as the pendants are hand stamped, hand polished and handcrafted.