The layering trend is everywhere at the moment, strutting down the runway and covering our favourite celebrities. Fashion and jewellery are given so many rules. We’re constantly concerned with what’s hot and what’s not and what’s a fashion hit and what’s a fashion faux-pas. Well, rules are made to be broken and layering is a perfect way to break the rules.

Necklaces are arguably the most popular style of jewellery, so why settle for just one? Layering necklaces is a classic way to jazz up any look. Layering different lengths, metals and colours adds dimension and texture to any day or night outfit.Take inspiration from your favourite celebrities and add layering to your style.

Mix metals with Miranda Kerr

Images sourced from Pinterest

Mixing metals is a jewellery rule which definitely needs to be broken. Gold and silver are such versatile materials and there is a taboo surrounding the two of them being worn together. Miranda Kerr hit the red carpet wearing gold and silver jewellery and proved that they are the perfect combination. Steal her look by mixing metals and experimenting with necklace styles. Miranda’s silver necklace looped twice around her neck, with one strand tight to her neck like a collar and the other strand looping down to lay on her chest. Her gold necklace had fringe detailing and gave balance to the look, with its width evening out the length of the necklaces. Mix gold and silver or any coloured metal that you like, to achieve Miranda’s layered look.


London Road Jewellery | 9kt Yellow Gold Falling Leaves Pendant Necklace (Left)| £395.00
MANJA Jewellery BARRA Signature Necklace (Middle)| £525.00
Jana Reinhardt Jewellery Gold Plated Silver Tiny Double Wing Necklace (Right)| £139.00

Extreme Lengths with Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is the Queen of layering necklaces. Whether she’s at the beach, on the go or attending fancy events, she loves the layered look and mixes it up so it’s never repetitive or boring. This look in particular is a great way to introduce layering into your style. Kate wore a bar necklace, with a slim chain and simple colours, along with a long and elaborate necklace that fell down to her waist. The beads start from a light colour and fall to a darker colour, along with the length of the necklace. Layering different length necklaces is a great way to add texture and more dimension to any look. It is also extremely versatile as it jazzes up a day look and completes an evening outfit. Play with different lengths to look like Kate.


Imperfect Grace Sofia Bar Necklace (Left)| £574.00
Cosanuova Diamond Rectangle Bar Necklace In Yellow Gold (Right)| £356.00

Big and Bold with Solange

A more elaborate and daring way to layer, Solange went over the top with her layers for many different reasons. Her necklaces had varying lengths, but she strayed away from simple chains and went for bold centrepieces and colours. Her blue gemstone necklace is in the collar style, with the bold jewels trailing down her chest to draw the eyes down her body. This leads us to her second and longer necklace, which has a dazzling gold and black studded cross. Incorporate more fun into your look by layering colourful gems and interesting patterns, like Solange.


GEFEN JEWELRY Sterling Silver Forest Eye Necklace (Left)| £428.00
RI NOOR Four Sapphire Slice & Diamond Necklace (Middle)| £2,553.00

Dainty with Cara Delevingne

In contrast to Solange’s look, Cara Delevingne shows that you can still have an interesting layered look in a dainty way. Her necklaces are small and simple but still beautiful to look at. Cara wore her initials in her jewellery. Incorporating names or letters in jewellery is a personal and creative way to make a simple design more exciting. Pick dainty chains and delicate centrepieces to get Cara’s look and add a personal touch with a necklace with your name on.


Sharon Mills London Lone Star Diamond Necklace Rose Gold (Left)| £130.00
Posh Totty Designs Personalised Name Necklace Yellow Gold Plated (Middle)| £95.00
Alison Fern Jewellery Yellow Gold Filled Isla Necklace (Right)| £102.00

Stylish Chokers with Kendall Jenner

Another delicate look, Kendall Jenner went for a more constructed look for her layers. Most layered necklaces hang down to the chest or even longer, but with Kendall, she picked necklaces close to her neck. Chokers are a trend that have been around for decades and incorporating them with other short chained necklaces creates a cute layered look which is subtle yet striking. Pick short necklaces with dainty designs to achieve Kendall’s look.


Laura Adele Jewellery Yellow Gold Evil Eye Charm Necklace (Left)| £145.00
SoftDream by LauraGalasso 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Sky Necklace (Middle)| £95.00
Emily Grace Jewellery | Gold Vermeil Nest Choker With Wisteria Resin (Right)| £400.00