Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie? They get you in the festive spirit, have great ideas of what to do this festive season and give a good laugh and a good cry. Whichever your favourite Christmas film is, we’re delving into some of the classics to find top picks for Christmas movie jewellery.

The typical red, green, silver and gold are traditional Christmas colours - if it’s good enough on the tree, why not cover yourself in it too? Get the look this Christmas by taking inspiration from everyone’s favourite Christmas films. Our picks will give you a festive and classy look that would even get Father Christmas’ stamp of approval.


“Santa! Oh my god! I know him!” Elf is one of the most beloved Christmas films of all time, spawning a musical and becoming Will Ferrell's most iconic and remembered film role. The elf costumes are incredible, with the gorgeous red and green coats, yellow tights and black curly elf shoes already providing us with an unforgettable look.


To give a nod to the film without wearing an elf costume, we’re inspired by Jovie, a Gimbles employee who dons the elf suit rather un-enthusiastically. Jovie has a silver reindeer brooch pinned on her elf costume, a subtle but beautiful symbol for the festive season. The Sterling Silver Frame Deer Origami Necklace is a delicate necklace with an intricate origami paper design. Deers symbolise intuition and a close connection to nature as well as celebrating the cherished Christmas animal.


Origami Jewellery | Sterling Silver Frame Deer Origami Necklace | £107.00

Love Actually

“I feel it in my fingers…” Love Actually is a brilliant British film, that celebrates love at Christmas, with intertwining plot lines and characters. “To me, you are perfect”, “You’ve made the life I lead foolish too” and anything that comes out of Billy Mack’s mouth is hilarious, bittersweet and makes you bawl! We’ve picked quite a few characters for this one so buckle in!

Billy Mack

Bill Nighy perfectly portrayed the old popstar trying to make a comeback - rude, arrogant and utterly hilarious. In the first scene, Billy Mack is in the studio recording ‘Christmas is all around’ and is wearing lots of silver and steel jewellery. He has a steel chain around his neck, wrist and block silver ring. The Square Ixion Necklace is a perfect dupe, with an oxidised and raw texture, giving it a cool look, perfect for the cold weather we’re having. Wear a brightly coloured shirt to stand out and look exactly like Billy.


deVos Jewellery | Unbutton Me Ring (Left) | £229.00
Annika Rutlin | Square Ixion Necklace (Right) | £495.92

Who didn’t instantly fall in love with Natalie when she swore in front of the Prime Minister on her first day? Her bold red look is not only perfect for Christmas, but has become an iconic moment and style from the movie. When she comes down the stairs swearing about losing her coat, she has gorgeous dangly red earrings on to match her jumper. The Red Jade Tassel Earrings are an ideal match, with a sterling silver and rose gold stud to give a chic and sophisticated look. Pair with a red jumper and a white beret to complete the Natalie look. 


Cosanuova | Red Jade Tassel Earrings | £86.00


I think we all hated Mia and Harry if we’re honest! When Karen found the gold necklace and then didn’t receive it, it broke all of our hearts and had us blubbing into our pillows. However, the necklace would not have given us the brilliant scene with Rowan Atkinson’s gift wrapping or the gorgeous fashion piece. The Floating Hearts Necklace is a similar necklace, with a gold floating heart pendant and a red cut garnet. Pair with white and red spotted pyjamas or a black turtleneck to look like Mia.


Katie Mullally | Beaten Heart Gold Plated Charm (Left) | £144.00
Eline Fransen Jewellery Design | Floating Hearts Necklace (Right) | £1,345.00

Home Alone

“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!” Home Alone is one of the highest grossest Christmas movies of all time, spawning four sequels and a Golden Globe nomination for 8 year old, Macaulay Culkin.


When Kate McAllister is on the plane and realises she has left Kevin, she jumps out of her seat, revealing her gold drop earrings. To look like Kate, you can really get creative with it, matching gold with other classic Christmassy colours. These understated Yellow Gold Plated Hadley Earrings are great inspiration for Kate’s look - we just hope you don’t have to try and sell them for a plane ride home!  


House of Urban | Yellow Gold Plated Hadley Earrings | £150.00


You’re probably wonder why we’ve got one half of the Wet Bandits on this list! Harry has a gold tooth, which is eventually knocked out by one of Kevin’s paint cans. These Gold Textured Pillow Studs are elegant and classic and will glint from your lobes just like Harry’s tooth did when it was still in his mouth.


Heather O Connor | Gold Textured Pillow Studs | £115.00