Let’s go to the movies! The film industry has been a source of inspiration for decades - who can forget the iconic ‘Heart of the Ocean’ necklace from Titanic or the diamond hearts necklace that Richard Gere gave to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? However, most of the iconic movie jewellery are all women’s - we’re here to talk about the men! Men’s jewellery is somewhat overlooked but are equally as unforgettable and classic.

Below are our top picks for men’s jewellery inspired by everyone’s favourite films.

Lord of the Rings


One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them... The one ring from Lord of the Rings is a beautiful gold ring with Elvish inscription that when worn turns its wearer invisible. We can’t promise that these rings will do that for you but we hope they won’t turn you into Gollum! If you prefer a plain band which has the same shape and colour of the one ring, the 9kt Yellow Gold Heavy D-Shape Wedding Ring is a perfect dupe. It has a strong look to it and you can add your own message on the inside. If, like Frodo, you prefer to wear it around your neck than on your finger, simply get a silver chain to thread through it. For more texture, the Cornish Seawater Nautical Ring by Joseph Lamsim Jewellery has wavy detailing that looks similar to the one ring's detailing.


K.Mita Men's Narrow Band Ring (Right)| £1,817.00

Star Wedding Rings 9kt Yellow Gold Heavy D-Shape Wedding Ring | £122.00

Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow is an absolute style icon - with colourful beads tied in his beard and his hair and extravagant silvers on his fingers. Inspired by the Curse of the Black Pearl, the medallions from the first film are a significant part of the story and are also very fashionable. The Pirate Skull and Crossbones Rings by Ed Wilson Jewellery come in a set of three to create a layered look, one favoured by Jack and adds different variants of colour. Jack wears many rings with colourful gemstones and bright colours like green and purple. The Small Sterling Silver Peridot Drum Ring by Will Bishop is a simple silver textured band with a green gem glistening from the centre. If you don’t want to lace beads through your hair, try a beaded bracelet like the Double Beaded Bracelet from ATOLYESTONE. It has a long length which allows the bracelet to go round the wrist twice for a layered look and combines sea sediment jasper stone with yellow gold and diamond balls.

Will Bishop | Small Sterling Silver Peridot Drum Ring (Left)| £135.00
ATOLYESTONE | Double Beaded Bracelets (Right)| £205.00

Ed Wilson Jewellery Pirate Skull & Crossbones Rings | £150.00

Men in Black


Here come the Men in Black! The galaxy charm in Men in Black is a complicated jewellery item, as the two agents spend the whole film trying to save it. It is ridiculously small and is a whole galaxy containing planets and beings on it, yet it hangs off the collar of a cat. These Sterling Silver & Lapis Globe Cufflinks look similar to the charm and are petite but detailed and polished, with a globe rotation feature.


Tateossian | Sterling Silver & Lapis Globe Cufflinks (Left)| £325.00
JS Noor Rebirth Pendant (Right)| £1,331.00

Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino is known as a graphically violent but brilliant director. Reservoir Dogs is a fan favourite, focusing on a diamond heist gone wrong. Tarantino is a clever and mysterious director. Like in Pulp Fiction where you don’t find out what’s in the briefcase, the diamonds that are stolen in Reservoir Dogs are never actually seen - so we’ve had to use our imagination!

Tateossian | Sterling Silver & White Diamond Baton Pin (Left)| £875.00
Cynthia Bach Gothic Crown Ring With Diamonds (Middle)| £10,305.00

The Great Gatsby


The 1920s were a time of decadence and although we automatically think of women's flapper outfits, the men had pretty standout jewellery pieces too. In the film, Gatsby wears a silver steel bracelet watch. If you don’t want a watch but like the steel band design, Buddha to Buddha have incredible silver bracelets, reminiscent of Gatsby’s watch. The chain and links effect circles round the wrist, giving a masculine and sophisticated look. Nick Carraway wears a pocket watch and the chain is a great accessory to add to any look, whether it is a necklace or a bracelet. The Luxurious Titanium Chain from Prism Design can be clipped anyway to give a faux pocket watch look, worthy of any Gatsby party.

Buddha to Buddha Esther Big Bracelet (Left)| £825.00
Prism Design | Luxurious Titanium Chain (Middle)| £160.00
Buddha to Buddha Edwin Bracelet (Right)| £641.00