Australian skincare brand The Peeping Sheep was created by designer Deanna who wanted to create her own skincare line that wouldn't irritate her sensitive skin. Get to know her brand better with us, as Deanna explains how she creates all of her products by hand and so much more! 

How did your brand begin?

Making my own soap and skincare products started because I have sensitive skin and couldn’t use most soaps that I bought. So, keeping my passion for wool in mind out came some lanolin products! Lanolin is a natural oil in wool and is a by-product of processing wool.

Values are really important to us at JewelStreet. What are your core brand values?

Trust. Honesty. Down-to-Earth. Fair. Quality. Practicality. Transparancy. 
Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?
I tend to work out my next product by asking myself what I need. If I need it then it is more than likely that someone else out there needs it too! What do I need? What would I like to use? What would I like to buy for someone?
How are your products made?
All my products are made by me, in my kitchen. I do small batches of my products so that each batch is up to standard. I generally spend a whole day on one product, just making lots of batches of it!
How do you want someone to feel when they wear/use your designs?
I want them to feel safe using my products and to know that they aren't going to cause a rash, stinging or a reaction. To be able to put the products on their own skin, and their loved one's skin and have complete trust in it.
What music do you play in the studio whilst you’re working?
There are a lot of different types of music I play, depending on what mood I am in. At the top of the list, it would have to be country music. Some days I don't listen to any music at all and let my mind be full of new ideas, creations and plans.
If you could travel to one place in the world right now, where would it be and why? 
Maldives!! I have always wanted to go and stay in one of the huts on the water. Especially now that we have come out of trying times - not being able to even travel out of our state - it would be perfect!
How do you ensure you’ve got a good work/life balance?
I am really horrible at this. I tend to do more work than have a life. I am a workaholic and like to perfect everything and so I don't quit until it is achieved. I am learning so much about how to improve my work/life balance.
What drew you to JewelStreet?
JewelStreet actually contacted me and asked me if I would like to showcase my products on their site!
If you could only wear one piece from your collection, what would it be and why?
It would probably be my Lanolin Lip Balm. I use this every day and I love it. It fits in my work pocket so I can't lose it and is always there when I need it. Who knows if that one will be my favourite forever! It's exciting to think of the new products that I am creating behind the scenes!
Thank you very much for talking with us Deanna!