So you've heard of 'The January Blues' but have you heard of Blue Monday?

What is Blue Monday?

It is a day that has been calculated by using a series of factors in a mathematical formula.

The factors are;

- The weather

- Debt level (the difference between your debt and our ability to pay it)

- The amount of time since failing our New Year's resolutions

- Low motivational levels

- The feeling of needing to take charge of a situation.

When is Blue Monday?

This year it will fall on January 15th, however it changes every year but generally it is the third Monday in January. 

What can you do to beat Blue Monday?

You could start doing more exercise, start eating healthier, start seeing your friends and family more, book a trip out or away (even just to the cinema) ...

...Or you could buy some new jewellery to cheer yourself up!

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