Christmas is a time for giving, whether it’s gifts for your family and friends or the present of your presence. Christmas is a happy time where we spread the love and joy to everyone around us. This Christmas, why not also give to the less fortunate and charity associations? Donating at Christmas is a fantastic place to start your association with charities, with helping out around Christmas spurring you on to help out throughout the rest of the new year approaching. There are so many ways to do this and it’s a great way to help out those in need and do a good deed.

Of course, you can set up regular donations to your charity of choice but you can also be more active in your giving. For example, head to the nearest shelter and donate food and clothes to those who stay there or help out at local food kitchens. If you’re an animal lover, head to the nearest animal shelter and donate food or just visit and give the animals a cuddle.

There are so many fantastic ways to donate and help out. Here at JewelStreet, we have some fantastic designers that make gorgeous jewellery and donate the proceeds for said items to charities. They handcraft incredible designs using ethical and sustainable techniques and materials and by supporting their charity lead jewellery, you are donating to an incredible cause as well as getting an unforgettable piece of jewellery for yourself.

Here are some examples of beautiful charity jewellery to make a difference this Christmas.

Help the animals

We love animals and there are various charities working towards ending animal cruelty as well as finding animals a home. Saba Jewellery by Geraldine Murphy makes stunning and colourful animal jewellery, like elephants, cats, crabs and more. The brand is involved in a partnership with Animals Asia who are doing incredible work towards ending barbaric trades and practices imposed on animals. They work towards ending the bear bile trade, stopping dogs and cats being traded for food and animal captivity, including putting a stop to cruel practices in zoos and safari parks. They’ve already made so much progress, with their award winning bear sanctuaries, but there’s always more to be done. Saba Jewellery is in partnership with this charity and their gorgeous jewellery is reminiscent of how animals should be - free, colourful and loved.

Saba Jewellery by Geraldine Murphy | Copper & Enamel Kingfisher Earrings and Sterling Silver & 18kt Gold Small Elephant Pendant£86.00 and £139.00

Alexander Jewell is another brand who creates intricate and luxurious jewellery inspired by wild animals and supporting the charity WildAid. WildAid works towards stopping the illegal wildlife trades, like poaching activities and shark finning, in an effort to protect animals and reverse the effect of climate change. Alexander Jewell showcases the beauty of these endangered animals, like rhinos, whales and elephants, while crafting them out of eco-friendly materials.


Alexander Jewell | Humpback Whale Tail Pendant and White Rhino Cufflinks£1,180.00 and £5,063.00

Help the children

These designers give a percentage of their proceeds on the below items to amazing charities that help children from all around the world. Lumitoro is a brand from Sweden, that donates to Sweden SOS Children’s Villages, to look after vulnerable children and provide emergency aid and education programmes. Buddha to Buddha believes that this 'universe means together' and have created a Charity Collection, where proceeds go to the Bali Children Foundation, an organisation providing children with education.


Lumitoro | Torii Pendant Red (Charity Piece)  (Left) | £80.00
Buddha to Buddha | Universe Bracelet Silver (Right) | £315.00

Vurchoo created a Caleb range, inspired by a young boy called Caleb, that the designer met in Rwanda. With any purchase from the Caleb Collection, the charity donates to the Ahazaza school and provides them with whatever they may need at the time, like school books, lunches, electricity and more. They also make an equal donation to Teach a Man to Fish, a London based charity that help teachers and students make school businesses that help places around the world, like Africa, Latin America and Asia.


Vurchoo | Caleb Floral Rose Gold Vermeil and Pearl Ring and Caleb Yellow Gold Vermeil Enamel Bangle£150.00 and £355.00

Help Human Rights

Oria Jewellery create delicate designs using ethical materials and methods to benefit the environment and its wearers. Their jewellery is inspired by light and nature and features birds, bees, blossom and lotus. Oria Jewellery has a Birds of Freedom Collection, which donates 25% of proceeds to the Helen Bamber Foundation. The human rights charity works with and helps survivors of human cruelty, like trafficking, war, slavery and torture, providing them with legal help, doctors, therapists and protection.

Oria Jewellery | Sterling Silver Free Bird Necklace | £56.00