You don’t need to be religious to appreciate a cross necklace! They have been at the height of fashion for quite some time now, and we’re definitely big fans. Read on to discover more about ten of the best gold cross necklaces you can find at JewelStreet. 

Lucia Emerald Gold Cross Necklace - Emma Chapman Jewels £624 

There is only one place to begin, and that is with this beautiful and decorative cross necklace that has been designed by Emma Chapman from her UK-based studio. 

The attention to detail with this pendant is truly incredible. It features a striking cross with a central emerald and floral motifs in premium quality 18kt gold. There is also a smaller diamond at the top, which features a diamond. 

This is the sort of necklace that is bound to turn heads for all of the right reasons. 

9kt Gold Sideways Cross Necklace - Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery £240

We are staying in the UK with our next designer, yet this time it is Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery that has brought us this stunning creation. If you are looking for an elegant and subtle cross necklace, we’re sure that you will love this piece of jewellery.

It is a classic cross necklace, with a twist, as the cross pendant is to the side, rather than being central. Designed to represent compassion and human kind, we think this is a must-have for any jewellery collection.

Granulated Cross Charm - Cynthia Bach £1,478

This charm has a real vintage and old-school feel to it. It’s undeniably regal, oozing luxury and opulence. It can easily be worn as a central necklace pendant or it can be added to a charm bracelet. It is based on the ancient three-dimensional bulbous processional cross.

It has been designed by Cynthia Bach, who is US-based. She was fascinated with her mother’s jewellery collection when she was younger, and this love has never faded, resulting in the amazing creations she has blessed all of us with! 

18kt White Gold Ruby & Diamonds Bloody Cross Necklace - Nicofillimon £2,013

We have another striking cross necklace here. This necklace features two gold chains and one silver chain, with a diamond cross and a ruby gemstone at the bottom. It is a classy and glamorous necklace, which will catch the eye. 

It has been designed by Nikos Garbis, who is based in Greece. He is known for his original statement pieces and avant-garde designs, which tend to have a distinctive Eastern twist. The creates jewellery that is designed to transform any outfit, and this necklace certainly ticks that box!

18kt Gold Plated Silver Inca Cross Pendant Necklace - SOLUNA £160

Next, we have an amazing creation from London-based brand SOLUNA. As you can gather from this necklace, though. 

Miguel Depaz does not take his inspiration from the UK city. Instead, they are drawn from his Peruvian heritage. His jewellery takes ancient stories and blends them with modern designs, and we are sure that you will agree that the outcome is stunning. 

This necklace features the Inca cross. It is a simple but powerful necklace, which offers an elegant and timeless look. 

18kt Rose Gold Black Diamonds Cross Pendant - Zeina Nassar Jewelry £400 

If you are someone who prefers darker and edgier designs, you’re probably going to be a big fan of this cross pendant. Designed for use with any style of chain, this cross boasts contemporary style. 

It is crafted by Zeina Nasser Jewelry, which is a brand based in Beirut. They look to creative luxe jewellery that has a distinctive sense of style, drawing inspiration from nature, women, and colours. 

We are certainly big fans of this cross pendant, especially as it can easily be worn from day to night. 

Yellow Gold Plated Crossed Arrows Disc Necklace - Mantra Jewellery £65

Not all cross necklaces have to be associated with religion or the ancient world. With this piece, we have two crossed arrows that are engraved into a gold disc. 

The symbol is a representation of the “Find a Way” mantra. In fact, this necklace comes with an accompanying card that explains exactly that. It reminds us that we need to have patience, look at various options until we have success, and have perseverance. 

This could be a great gift for a loved one or, indeed, yourself! It has been designed by UK brand Mantra Jewellery. They create jewellery that is designed to inspire and uplift, using the beauty of jewellery and power of words to great effect. 

18kt Gold Plated Silver Inca Cross Sautoir - SOLUNA £440

This is another necklace that has been inspired by the Inca Cross. However, the design is very different from the other SOLUNA necklace that we mentioned earlier. 

This necklace has a long chain, with a number of Inca cross symbols used, as well as lapis lazuli gemstones, which give the necklace extra shine and colour. 

Despite drawing inspiration from Ancient Peru, there is no denying that the design of this necklace has the modern and experienced woman in mind. Beautiful! 

Lucia Blue Sapphire Gold Cross Necklace - Emma Chapman Jewels £624

If you fell in love with the Lucia necklace that we mentioned earlier, you will be pleased to know that it is available with different centre stone options. One of these options is this blue sapphire necklace. 

The design and craftsmanship are the same, but there is simply a different stone. It is one little change, but we think it makes a massive difference! 

Lucia Ruby Gold Cross Necklace - Emma Chapman Jewels £624

Finally, you can also get the Lucia cross necklace with a red centre stone. This ruby stone has a romantic, rich, and captivating feel to it. 

Ruby is also the birthstone for the month of July. So, if you know anyone who is celebrating a special birthday next month, you may have just found the perfect gift to give them!