Did you know that Fairtrade Certified Gold is the first-ever ethical certification system for gold jewellery? 

When you buy a Fairtrade certified ring, chain, necklace, or bracelet, you are supporting the gold miners that sourced the gold for that jewellery. They receive fair pay for their hard work, and you’re helping to protect their local communities and the environment too.

Here at JewelStreet, we are proud to offer jewellery from talented designers that use Fairtrade Gold, or gold from sustainable sources in their pieces. 

So, if you want to make a statement, why not do so in style with these ten beautiful Fairtrade and sustainable gold pieces:

Yeo Yellow Gold Ring - Molten Wedding Rings £340

Yeo Yellow Gold RingAre you getting married soon? If so, one way to show that you support people getting a fair wage in gold-mining countries is by purchasing a Fairtrade wedding band. One such example of a luxurious yet contemporary band is the Yeo Yellow Gold Ring from the Molten Wedding Ring Company.

Available in a variety of sizes, each ring gets made using traditional methods and then is hand-finished in Molten’s studio in Devon. Founded in 2005, Molten wedding bands are designed by the talented Erin Cox, a designer-maker with over 15 years of experience.

18kt Yellow Gold Fairtrade Meteor Stud Earrings - Julie Nicaisse £570

18kt Yellow Gold Fairtrade Meteor Stud EarringsFinished to a high standard, the Fairtrade Meteor Stud Earrings were inspired by the celestial phenomenon that brings together the Earth and the sky. The earrings are part of the “Celestial Fall” collection by Julie Nicaisse and are crafted out of 18-karat Fairtrade yellow gold.

Julie Nicaisse is a Belgian jewellery designer-maker that moved to the UK in 2000 and calls London her home. Using traditional techniques and ethically-sourced precious metals, she handcrafts a unique selection of items inspired by nature.

18kt Yellow Gold Fairtrade Comet Stud Earrings - Julie Nicaisse £840

18kt Yellow Gold Fairtrade Comet Stud EarringsAlso from her Celestial Fall collection, these striking Fairtrade Comet Stud Earrings earrings are crafted out of 18kt yellow Fairtrade gold. These studs are also reversible and can be worn 2 ways, allowing you to add an extra special, guilt-free sparkle to any outfit!

Julie Nicaisse handcrafts her edgy and bold pieces using only the finest metals, and traditional techniques. Julie is passionate about using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods and materials to make her jewellery.

18kt Yellow Fairtrade Gold Rockstars Trigonal Flat Ring - The Rock Hound £760

The contemporary fairtrade trigonal flat ring has been handmade with the utmost skill and passion. Crafted using 18kt certified fairtrade yellow gold, this ring is a true heirloom piece that will stay with you a lifetime. 

The Rock Hound is an East London brand who’s inventive, versatile design methods have led to critical acclaim and recognition for brand founder Susi Smither, including the 2017 Retail Jeweller New Designer of the Year Award. Susi's mission for her brand is to create cutting-edge pieces, while that keep her principles of responsible sourcing close to heart.

18kt Fairtrade Gold Rockstars Trigonal Upring - The Rock Hound £70018kt Fairtrade Gold Rockstars Trigonal UpringFrom the rockstars collection, this Trigonal UpRing is shaped as a unique natural tourmaline crystal, creating a bold and individual look for the wearer. This ring is perfect for stacking and can be made in 18kt Fairtrade White, Yellow or Rose Gold. 

18kt Gold Fairtrade Treasure of the Abyss Ring - Julie Nicaisse Jewellery £2,750

Another fairtrade beauty from Julie Nicaisse, this stunning treasure of the Abyss ring is handcrafted from 18kt fairtrade yellow gold and features an eye-catching large gunmetal black freshwater pearl as its centrepiece and adorned with subtle 18kt recycled white gold beads. Inspired by the flora inhabiting the depths of the oceans. An ideal engagement, or cocktail ring, bring an extra layer of romanticism to your look with this unique ring. 

Gold Organic Stud Earrings - Murkani Jewellery £59

These gorgeous stud earrings are handcrafted out of organic 18kt yellow gold and are completed with a hammered finish for an effortless boho-chic vibe. This unique piece of designer jewellery will effortlessly take you from day to evening while adding a touch of golden boho-glam to your outfits.

Murkani Jewellery created her first true collection in 2011, based on her love of Moroccan textile and tile design. Kiralee designs every piece herself and then has them lovingly handcrafted by expert silversmiths based in Bali and Thailand. 

18kt Fairtrade Gold Rockstars Trigonal Pendant On Blue Lacquer Chain - The Rock Hound £730

18kt Fairtrade Gold Rockstars Trigonal Pendant On Blue Lacquer ChainThis statement Trigonal Pendant necklace can be made in 18kt Fairtrade white, yellow or rose gold, so you can choose the perfect colour to suit your style, while still helping the Fairtrade mission. 

The Rock Hound think it is important to send a clear and strong message to peers, prospective clients and suppliers about their ethics; ethics that they believe “should be part of practice for everyone in the jewellery industry”.

Wave Ring In Gold - Elinor Cambray Jewellery £225

Wave Ring In GoldThe Wave Ring In Gold is peaked with a round band, and looks amazing on its own or worn with other Entwine gemstone rings. Made with either ethical 9-karat gold or yellow gold, each band is handmade using recycled gold to lessen the environmental impact that gold mining has on our planet.

It’s a ring designed and made by Elinor Cambray, a Salisbury-based jewellery designer-maker inspired by nature and botanical forms and textures.

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