Renowned handmade jewellery brand Gurhan have recently released their 2018 collection, and it’s hard not to type exclusively in capitals, given how excited we are. With captivating designs that channel the depth and warmth of the 24kt gold metal, Gurhan’s new collection exudes sophistication and finesse.

With the iconic hand-hammered finish and unique Patina, Gurhan’s collection challenges the rules of conventional jewellery design. Gurhan himself has said that even ‘a single square inch of gold could contain as many as 1000 hammer strokes’.


Gurhan’s opulent and regal designs are reshaping the way that people think about jewellery. Take a look at this exquisite selection of earrings, and choose to adorn your ears with these luxurious and delicate pieces. The sensitive incorporation of colour into the designs is breathtaking, and the careful intersection of Gold and Silver elements makes for a unique aesthetic.

Opulance Gurhan the new collection

Gurhan | 24kt Yellow Gold Pointelle Earrings With Fancy Sapphire, 24kt Yellow Gold Pointelle Earrings With Blue Topaz, 24kt Yellow Gold Mango Earrings, 24kt Yellow Gold Spell Earrings | £6,744.00, £5,099.00, £6,067.00 and £3,309.00


Beauty is found, not only in the quality of materials, but also in the core of design. There are pieces for every occasion, and you can dress-up or dress-down your look depending on what jewellery from the Gurhan collection you choose to wear. These pieces can take you from an everyday classic and romantic style, to an evening event look, where all eyes will be on you. The 24kt Yellow Gold Rainbow Bracelet and Sterling Silver Mango Link Bracelet are two prime examples. Graceful and majestic are words synonymous with these pieces. 

24kt Yellow Gold Rainbow Bracelet   Sterling Silver Mango Link Bracelet

Gurhan | 24kt Yellow Gold Rainbow BraceletSterling Silver Mango Link Bracelet | £6,551.00 and £401.00


Gurhan’s new collection is imbued with strength, and therefore, has a timeless essence to it. The quality and durability of their pieces are reflected in the brand’s popularity. Shop their new selection of rings, ranging from minimalist, to geometric, to regal and to feminine. 

Strength Gurhan New Collection 2018

Gurhan | Sterling Silver Mango Ring, Sterling Silver Mystere Ring With Teardrop Druzy Quartz, 24kt Yellow Gold Delicate Ring, 24kt Yellow Gold Amulet Hue Ring | £261.00, £774.00, £2,874.00 and £5,244.00 


The striking 24kt Yellow Gold Starlight Earrings and Necklace are the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone. Gurhan say that all of their jewellery is 'heartmade', and that it channels the dedication and love of its makers. A combination of unbelievable craftsmanship and stunning artistry make for a heavenly collection, that can be treasured for years to come. 

Pair the necklace with a high-neck jumper, and ensure that you give these earrings the light they deserve by pinning your hair back. 


Starlight Earrings Starlight    

Gurhan | 24kt Yellow Gold Starlight Earrings24kt Yellow Gold Starlight Necklace | £3,841.00 and £6,744.00