There is something extra special about a handcrafted piece of jewellery. You know that a supreme amount of care and attention has been put into every element of the creation. That’s why we have sourced 10 of the best handcrafted necklaces from our website. So, let’s take a look…

18kt White Gold Handcrafted Italian Long Necklace With Black Spinel & Pearls - JONA £890

Firstly, we have this elegant and beautiful long Italian necklace from Alex Jona. It features black pearls and spinel. Part of the JONA collection, this necklace is handcrafted in Italy. 

Alex Jona travels across the globe to find the very best diamonds, pearls, and precious stones, using these materials to create the most beautiful jewellery pieces. 

Gold & Silver White Opal Handmade Necklace - Lavan £95

We love this feminine necklace by Lavan. It is handmade from sterling silver, boasting patterned links, stunning white opalite beads, and gold-filled beads, creating a beautiful contrast. We have David Weinberger to thank for this creation.

The lead designer at Lavan, he started his journey by studying fine art in Tel Aviv. After this, he took up a place at the prestigious Goldsmiths School of Jewellery in London. Since then, he has been blessing the world with his amazing designs. 

Cornish Seawater Cast Encased Sterling Silver Handmade Oval Pearl Necklace - Joseph Lamsin £134

There is something incredibly enchanting about this necklace. Cornwall-based designer, Matthew JL Harris, has used the sea to organically texture and shape the design of this jewellery piece. It comes with an adjustable length chain and a real oval freshwater cultured pearl.

It would also make a great gift. This is especially the case as it comes beautifully gift-boxed with a descriptive card that explains the unique creation process. 

Handmade Rose Gold Large Bubble Multi Gem Pendant - London Road Jewellery £1,195

Vibrant yet elegant; this necklace by the sister and brother duo at London Road Jewellery is bound to turn heads for all of the right reasons. 

It features a fun bubble pendant that includes a number of colourful gemstones, including garnet, blue topaz, pink tourmaline, moonstone, and peridot. These five striking diamonds are set in rose gold, creating a necklace that is playful and vibrant yet feminine and lavish at the same time. 

The siblings who run London Road Jewellery are known for using traditional hand settings and cutting-edge techniques to create colourful jewellery. We’ve certainly fallen head over heels for their creations. 

Yellow Gold Hex Charm Necklace - Laura Adele £145

If you are a fan of minimalistic jewellery, you are going to love this short necklace by Laura Adele Jewellery. The star of the show is the hexagon pendant with the small ruby incorporated. This is suspended from a 9kt gold chain.

It is the creation of Laura Vanderslott; the founder of Laura Adele Jewellery. Her jewellery creations are inspired by contemporary London style; they are delicate pieces, which aren’t overly girly. She is all about producing premium quality jewellery without the premium price tags; a woman after our own heart! 

Luv Me Malachite Adjustable Heart Necklace - LuvMyJewelry £151

Elegant yet striking; LuvMyJewelry have outdone themselves again with this necklace. It features malachite, which is a polished, silky green stone that fosters imagination, boosts creativity, amplifies willpower, and creates strong barriers against negative energy. 

All necklaces are made to order and they come with a handwritten “Love Me” poem, which really is a beautiful touch. The heart on this necklace is movable as well, which means you can wear it in numerous styles; from a lariat necklace to a choker. 

LuvMyJewelry is a brand that is known for their premium designs that tell a poetic tale. Their collections reflect courageous risk-taking, passion, and unfettered imagination. 

Gold and Blue Agate Disco Icon Necklace - Purnell £207

This statement necklace will definitely catch the eye. It features a textured, handmade circular gold plated sterling silver chain, which offers a delicate sparkle whenever it catches the light. The faceted blue agate pieces are truly mesmerising as well. 

This necklace is designed and handcrafted by Purnell, a UK-based jewellery brand. There is also a matching bracelet available if you want to have a complete set. 

Sterling Silver Freedom Necklace - Murkani £86

Next, we have this beautiful vintage-style necklace that has been crafted by Murkani Jewellery, a brand founded by Australian designer Kiralee McNamara in 2011. Kiralee is known to create pieces that have been inspired by her love for Morrocan tile and textiles. She designs and lovingly handmakes every piece in her collection. 

This necklace, in particular, has an image of a swallow on the front, which is the symbol of freedom, so we love the message associated with it too! The chain measures at 50cm, but it can be adjusted to 48 or 46cm if you want to make it shorter. It also comes in both 18kt yellow gold plating and rose gold. 

Serendipity Plaited Pearl Necklace - Erin Cox £323

Luxurious and undeniably classy; this is the sort of necklace that all women should have in their jewellery collection. It is a contemporary twist on the classic pearl necklace. 

It is made by Erin Cox, and she has featured statemented molten silver sections within the necklace too. All of her designs have an incredible depth of emotion and mesmerising movement, telling a story and reflecting the aura of the wearer. 

Based in the UK, she ensures that all materials have been sourced ethically, and this is one of our favorite creations of hers. 

18kt Rose Gold Diamond Snake Necklace - ERAYA £2,555

Finally, we have this incredible diamond snake necklace, which features green onyx eyes and sparkling diamonds that are set in 18kt rose gold. 

This necklace is truly one-of-a-kind, and it has been handcrafted by the experienced artisans at ERAYA who use the lost-wax process. We are sure you will agree that the results are stunning.