I met my partner on Facebook. Chris added me via a mutual friend, but didn't speak to me for 6 months. We then got talking and decided to meet in a pub. We couldn't stop talking.

I was in the shower and my partner had lit some candles and lamps in our front room. There were four pictures on the wall that had been covered up with tea towels. The winter Olympics was blaring out on the TV.

He asked me to come into the front room. I still had wet hair and was wearing my dressing gown!

He asked me to take the towels off the pictures one by one, so I started to take them off. Underneath each towel were the words "Will you marry me". They were made up by loads of tiny little butterflies, from work that I do with 3D butterflies. It obviously had taken him a long time to make.

I then turned round and he was on one knee with a ring in his hand. It was perfect, because he had created it and it was so personal. Plus, we now have these lovely pictures to keep forever... and a lovely story too!