It’s that time of year again, when we take to the drawing board to brainstorm ideas for Halloween. You may be asking yourself whether being a cat for the third year in a row will be acceptable, or you may be wondering whether to make an effort at all given that life has become slightly nightmarish after an eventful 2018! Here at JewelStreet, we are equipped  to alleviate the fear, and can provide you with some of the best Halloween inspiration around.

Gothic opulence...

Sink your fangs into this Red Monarch Ring by Metal Couture, a bold and mystical sterling silver ring with vampiristic, blood-red synthetic rubies. This piece is imbued with contrasting romantic and majestic qualities, which make it the perfect accompaniment for a wide variety of costumes. Consider pairing this with a Gothic twist on the Queen of Hearts costume, and remind Alice that there is no such thing as wonderland.

Red Monarch Ring

Metal Couture | Red Monarch Ring | £469.00

Embrace the darkness...

Halloween is synonymous with a darker colour palette, as people embrace the shadows and invite the darkness in. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and tones that are outside of your comfort zone. After all, black will never go out of fashion, and these pieces will remain stylish and statemented all year round.

The Gunmetal Plated Silver and Pearl Explosion Earrings are comprised of 6mm grey pearls, white zircons and hyaline quartz. Milanese designer Giusy Liguori’s work often calls upon tropes of rebirth and renewal, which echo ghostly themes of raising the dead and calling upon the spiritual realm. It’s jagged and minimalist form depicts a sense of reconstruction of organic shapes, and is an ode to immortality.

Gunmetal Plated Silver & Pearl Explosion Earrings

           Giusy Liguori | Gunmetal Plated Silver & Pearl Explosion Earrings | £291.00

Skull and bones...

Skeletons have an unquestionable haunting presence during the month of October. What better way to commemorate the spooky festivities than with a skull and bones?  

This Yellow Gold Plated Monkey Skull Pendant Necklace is powerful enough raise the dead, and will definitely be haunting the minds of the eyes that rest upon it. The beauty of this piece rests in its timelessness and ambiguity. At first glance, most might not identify its edgy and spooky subject matter, which is what makes this necklace extremely accessible and wearable. Our top tip for wearing this piece is to layer it with a number of other delicate necklaces for impact, or wear on its own for a classic and subtle haunting look.

Yellow gold plated monkey skull pendant necklace

Rebekah Ann Jewellery | Yellow Gold Plated Monkey Skull Pendant Necklace | £111.00

Claw your way...

Here at Jewelstreet we’ve been stirring a steaming cauldron of jewellery ingredients, and the Vermeil Bird Claw Pendant is yet another treat we have conjured. All of Tracy Hills’ Jewellery pieces are constructed from found bones or have been carved in wax before being cast. This piece also resonates with the supernatural and the idea of immortality.

Vermeil Bird Claw Pendant - Large - Without Chain

Tracy Hills Jewellery Vermeil Bird Claw Pendant - Large - Without Chain | £120.00