Few things have that charming characteristic sparkle like crystal. When you need to add a little glitz to an outfit or find your go-to outfit without breaking the bank, crystal jewellery might just be the way to go. 

That’s why crystal jewellery is getting a lot more popular as of late. Here we’re going to look at ten of our fantastic crystal jewellery products from ten of our fabulous designers on JewelStreet.com.

Yellow Gold Plated Cannes Crystal Earrings - Auree Jewellery - £55

With natural coloured crystal set in a ring of bright gold-plated sterling silver, these earrings are eye-catching and classy, but without being too big or gaudy. 

A perfectly sized oval drop that is crafted for a smooth, distinctive shape. These earrings are handmade by Amelia Bainbridge of Auree Jewellery, who has been making luxury fashion accessories that are designed to be worn, rather than kept in a jewellery box. 

Few designers can use vermeil and natural gemstones to such a fantastic effect.

Clear Rock Crystal Harmony Silver and Stone Bracelet -  Anchor and Crew - £100

Gorgeous clear crystal stone beads paired with sterling silver on an elastic nylon string makes for gorgeous jewellery that’s designed to be worn in everyday life. 

Minimalist and clean in its design while still having that sparkle factor, it’s a great choice from those worried about wearing something too fragile for an active lifestyle. 

This is a common trend of the nautical and exploratory themed jewellery from British designer Anchor & Crew.

Sterling Silver Purple Crystal Feather Earrings - MANIA Jewels - £130

One of a series by MANIA Jewels, these crystal earrings have a carefully threaded sterling silver wire and chain, delicately holding a gorgeous, symmetrical balance of vividly coloured purple Swarovski crystals. 

There’s both a glamorous and a somewhat spiritual, naturalistic look to the feather shape of these earrings, making them a fantastic accessory. 

MANIA Jewels is well known for the original Scandinavian wire wrapping style shown in this piece, as well as having a more poetic sense of design, elevating jewellery beyond what’s most commonly seen.

Pendant Swirl in Crystal Quartz and Moonstone - Lisa Robin - £149

A fabulous, intricately crafted crystal pendant. The shape is classic and immediately recognisable, but the unique shaping of the accent swirl is what makes it a truly fascinating item.

Lines of quartz crystal gemstone dance over the sterling silver setting. Gorgeous and versatile, the bail can be opened, so it can be worn any kind of chains, necklaces, and even leather. 

This elegant piece is designed by Lisa Robin, an Ohio-based designer whose focus on celebrating unique relationships and friendships with durable, unique designs comes across beautifully in this pendant.

Goldplated Gold Crystal Drop Earrings - KARTO Jewellery - £111

Fantastically and painstaking handcrafted, this Danish design utilises gold plating with resilient sterling silver, creating something both luxuriant yet highly wearable at the same time. 

Add to that the shimmering gold crystals and it creates a wonderful waterfall effect that’s sure to catch plenty of attention. 

These cascading crystal earrings come straight from KARTO Jewellery who are based in Copenhagen and have a reputation for dainty, feminine jewellery that’s innovative yet not too delicate.

Sterling Silver Pendant Ice Spring Doubled - SisKa Design - £75

An iconic design that became the Official Present for the National Museum of Sweden in 2011, this highly popular pendant is as popular as ever. 

A simple, clean wire bears a smooth, handmade doubled pendant of sterling silver, while a 12 mm crystal stone glimmers on it. 

This minimalist design is part of the signature of Ekaterina Sisfontes of SisKa Design, who carefully hand-creates every one of these pieces, ensuring perfect proportion, comfort, and quality in every pendant she sells.

Geode Crystal Pendant with Topaz - Hannah Silversmith - £120

If you’re more inclined to enjoy designs that incorporate elements of the natural world, then this pendant might be precisely the thing you’re looking for. 

The naturally sky blue topaz is eye-catching framed in rings of sterling silver, but the real appeal is in the Geode Crystal. Every pendant is shaped by nature, making it truly unique, inspired by the designer Hannah Smith’s love of organic forms. 

Hannah adds her own hand-made twist to every geode she gets, making sure that no two pieces of jewellery she finishes are ever exactly the same.

Quartz Crystal Bracelet - Maria Kanale - £45

When it comes to unique designs, you can’t get quite as unique as the configuration of different shaped and sized crystals that come with every crystal bracelet made by Maria Kanale. 

Handmade out of more than 35 crystal quartz stones, as well as tiny crystals and a howlite stone, this bracelet is versatile while being distinct, meaning it can go with a wide range of outfits and work very well as a signature piece. 

Greek designer Maria Kanale focuses on creating totally bespoke jewellery so that every customer is rewarded with something unique to them.

Rock Crystal Stud Earrings - XISSJEWELLERY - £48

These simple sterling silver and rock crystal earrings don’t need too much introduction. They’re wonderfully shaped, with clean minimalist designs that add a nice bit of glitz to your ears, sitting elegantly but without drawing too much attention. 

XISSJEWELLERY is a British designer who also offers these same studs but with the birthstone of your choice added, which are thought to bring luck, protection, and positive energy your way.

Crystal and Gold Bracelet - Chelsea Charles - £113

One of the options in a series of sophisticated, stackable ball bracelets from US-designer Chelsea Charles. 

This crystal bracelet features 14kt gold plated beads, dotted with fine, clear crystals that add an extra shimmer to its lustre. 

The beads are designed by Chelsea Charles to help wearers count the goals in their life, as part of her designs that focuses on healthy living and achieving health goals. As such, there are few more glamorous ways to count daily goals such as glasses of water or daily snacks.


At JewelStreet, we have crystal necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, earrings and more, suited to all styles as well as all budgets. Don’t hesitate to search for “crystal” in the store and find even more fabulous designs.