Proposal stories


We were with a Dutch couple and a lovely Italian tour guide.We met 10 years ago. I was a barmaid at the pub he used to go in. I was talking in a group of us about how I'd just been on holiday (I never tanned) and he said "where have you been, Wales?" It was the first thing he ever said to me and I found him really funny, I was hooked.

It was touch and go whether it would happen. Our baby daughter is in and out of hospital at the moment as she has a rare lung condition so my 30th was coming up and he booked 3 days away hoping we would be out in time (we were, although we had to go back to hospital the day after my birthday) he surprised me and our daughters the morning we were going away, Wales is where we have a lot of good memories and where we went when I was pregnant. There is a light house on Talacre beach which meant a lot to him growing up and has become somewhere we always visit, so we went there to see it before the weather got really bad (it was raining) unfortunately we couldn't go onto the beach so we had to stop by the hill and sign post (still a beautiful view) and we took pictures etc. This was when my partner asked our 8 year old daughter to take a picture of mummy and daddy. He grabbed my hand and told me how much he loved me, and how amazing I had looked after everyone especially with the year we have had and how he wanted to look after me for the rest of my life. He pulled out a ring and I just heard "will you marry me" before bursting into tears. Our 8 year old who was supposed to be taking pictures was already hysterically crying (she had been begging for us to get married for years). It made it so special having both girls with us honestly the whole thing was amazing, I don't think I stopped crying all day, I even had to ask him if I even said yes because I couldn't remember I was that stunned/happy. It was amazing, a day I'll treasure forever.