Charm bracelets have long been considered a statement piece of jewellery. Not only do they add beauty to any outfit, but they tell a story as well. 

In this post, we are going to focus on charm bracelets that tell a story of love, whether this is love for a child, your partner, or someone else. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at eight amazing heart charm bracelets that you can purchase via our website. 

Sterling Silver Personalised Love Heart Bracelet - HilaryandJune £66 

With this heart charm bracelet, you can personalise the heart, adding someone’s name, a phrase, date, or anything else that is important to you. This is a beautiful way of adding your own unique touch to a piece of jewellery that already carries a wealth of emotion and a heartfelt message. 

It would make a stylish gift for a loved one, especially as it comes in a lovely silver foiled presentation box. 

We have Hilary June Burton to thank for this creation. She creates stunning bespoke jewellery from her studio in Lisbon, Portugal, taking inspiration from her love of nature, pop culture, and music. All of the pieces that she makes for her brand Hilary&June are crafted using gold and sterling silver that has been sourced locally. 

Cute Charm Love Always Bracelet - ChloBo £66

This stunning handmade piece features 3mm round beads and a pretty love always heart charm symbolising forever love. Wear on its own for a fresh and dainty look or add a few to your stack. 

ChloBo was founded by Chloe Moss after she was inspired by the stunning jewellery craftsmanship used by the people of Bali. ChloBo creates bohemian-chic jewellery, imbued with the culture and beauty of Indonesia.

Silver Heart Ball Bangle - Lily Blanche £96

Lily Blanche has also created a beautiful heart charm bracelet. This charming and romantic bracelet features a silver heart charm and a striking gold vermeil key. 

The charms are part of a bangle that boasts solid silver balls to create a playful yet elegant design. The diameter of the bracelet is 52 cm and the balls are 6mm in diameter, ensuring it fits most wrist sizes. 

Part of the Key to my Heart collection, this bracelet has been crafted in Stirling, where Gillian Crawford takes inspiration from her grandmother to create beautiful and timeless heirlooms of tomorrow from today’s conversation pieces. 

Sterling Silver Floral Lotus Bracelet - Kate Dumbleton Jewellery £139

We’re simply in love with this creation by Kate Dumbleton Jewellery. It is a floral lotus bracelet, which has a number of different charms attached. This includes flowery charms with pearl details, a black floral design, and a cute little heart. 

Inspired by exotic and natural motifs, the thinner details of each charm are enhanced due to oxidation. It is a truly majestic piece; we could get lost looking into the finer details of each charm for hours! 

We’ve come to expect this level of beauty and amazing craftsmanship from Kate, as she has been combining present and past styles beautifully to create her own unique pieces of jewellery for more than 20 years now. 

She draws her inspiration from a wide range of themes, including art, nature, legends, and futuristic themes too, with unique stones, cast components, and etched metals used in her pieces. 

Pearl & Silver with 5 Silver Magical Charms - Lily Blanche £250

Another wonderful and magical charm bracelet; this piece by Lily Blanche boasts five different charms. There is then a heart-shaped fastener, which brings some love to the design. 

The combination of lustrous ivory freshwater pearls and sterling silver is a stunning one. This is a truly special piece of jewellery, which can be worn day and night, and it can also be passed through the generations - just what you want when purchasing a special piece of charm jewellery!

Luv Me Lapis Adjustable Heart Bracelet - LuvMyJewelry £178

This unique piece of designer jewellery is handcrafted out of 925 sterling silver and plated with 14kt Rose Gold. This adjustable bracelet features three heart-shaped motifs (two made in plain metal and one made in Lapis stone) elegantly captured on a round box chain. The letters "I" and "U" are engraved on the plain metal heart motifs to signify the message "I Love You". 

LuvMyJewelry creates high-end artisanal designs which tell a poetic story – their collections reflect their unfettered imagination, passion, and courageous risk-taking. Each luxurious piece comes complete with a poem written by brand founder Sujan Doshi.

9kt Rose Gold Oro Rosa Cuore Bracelet - RUBINIA GIOIELLI £170

Finally, we have this elegant and beautiful creation by RUBINIA GIOIELLI. This bracelet is made from 9kt rose gold and it is part of the brand’s Filodamore Cupido collection. 

Rose gold is at the height of fashion at the moment, but with this bracelet, you truly have a piece that is going to stand the test of time. It has a classic design and is an embodiment of the depth of emotion that exists between two people that truly love one and other. 

It is just one of many stunning jewellery pieces that RUBINIA GIOIELLI has designed and handcrafted. She is known for her use of new and innovative materials to create exciting designs.

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