Me and my partner first met when we were both working at the same school. I was a PE teacher and Brett was the groundsman.

On his first day, he has to stand up to be introduced and my heart fluttered. It soon turned into us finding any excuse to chat the sports grounds. He would often do work near where I was teaching just so that we could smile and wave at each other. It was so exciting and romantic.

He decided to propose of March 8th 2019. We were in Italy and had walked up Mount Vesuvius. Brett was acting rather weird, and it all made sense when I turned around to find him on one knee. 

Neither of us can totally remember what we said, but it was wonderful. 

We had talked about marriage, but I had no idea that he was going to propose.

My nails were done as we were on holiday, but I certainly would have made more effort with my appearance had I known!

In fact, he had already asked my parents at Christmas. He even got my brother to take me off dog walking so that he could speak to my Dad alone. My Dad insisted that my Mum was also there... now that's a relationship to aspire to!