JCK Las Vegas is one of the most influential trade events in the jewellery industry. Uniting over 30,000 of the world’s most innovative professionals within the industry, JCK aims to inspire, educate and create a productive space for jewellery enthusiasts to network. This annual event causes much stir through its incredible displays of creativity and innovation. From cutting-edge user experience technology to trailblazing jewellery design, discover the highlights from the JCK Las Vegas 2019 trade show.

Hoop earrings steal the show

We all knew hoop earrings were ‘in’, but we didn’t know just how ‘in’ they were. The 2019 trade show witnessed hoop earrings on everyone’s wish list. From diamond pave hoop earrings to simple and sleek metal hoops. This versatile jewellery item has made a huge comeback with every woman (and many men) sporting the jewellery box staple. From Midas Chain to Herco, hoops were certainly the stars of the show.

Coining a new trend

Also at the top of the trend-chain alongside hoop earrings were coin motifs. Again, coin jewellery has always been a popular item. It’s the most-loved motif of Bulgari and has a long history in the fashion industry. Jewellery brand Just Jules was picked in JCK’s top five favourite jewels from the show floor, and we can see why. Their booth featured a collection of Roman coins encased in 14kt gold and dainty diamonds. Need we say more?

Technology is innovating UX

It was not only the jewellery that event-goers were swooning over. The incredible demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies envisioned new and exciting ways for customers to shop. From immersive holographic projections of diamond cutting to high focus cameras allowing buyers to see ultra-close up images of diamond designs, there was much to relish at this prestigious event.

Storytelling was rife

Given the sentiment that is often attached to buying jewellery, it is unsurprising that the JCK event witnessed some creative storytelling from various brands. Omi Privé’s creative team used Lego to create a storyboard denoting the journey of a gem - from mining to designing - allowing buyers to feel more connected and involved with the jewellery they purchased.

The jewellery Olympics?

Everyone loves a little celebrity gossip - especially when it’s luxury. Tennis star Serena Williams collaborated on a jewellery line which was launched at the JCK 2019 trade show. Targeting the female self-purchasing and gifting demographics, the collection features necklaces and rings (and will soon feature a modern revitalisation of the tennis bracelet). As a female icon, the collection aims to channel an aura of empowerment and solidarity.

A focus on packaging

Memorable. Unexpected. Innovative. And no we’re not talking about the jewellery this time. A notable trend at the JCK 2019 trade show was the attention vendors were paying to packaging and display. Due to the increasing popularity of coloured gemstones and enamel jewellery, displays featuring coloured mood lighting and thoughtful contrasting tones revealed a heightened awareness towards presentation. From leather to satin, steel to wood, a plethora of textures and materials were used to enhance the jewellery. An emphasis on touch was seen through the use of unconventional materials such as chord and linen, which were incorporated into the packaging of brands such as Gunther Mele and The Jewelers Box.

Images from the official JCK website.