Hijabi fashion bloggers you should be following

Modest fashion has always been surrounded by an aura of negativity. Whether this be in response to religious tensions, political rhetoric or just plain old rudeness… it’s a style that’s wrongly perceived as boring and restrictive. This is so far from the truth. What is often labelled as a regressive style, is actually a freeing and experimental mode for hijabi women.

JewelStreet’s core value is to retain the diversity and unique identity of all jewellery wearers. Our independent jewellers handcraft jewellery in different locations around the world. Different cultures, languages and artistic preferences are fed into their designs. We have built a community where we value these differences, and we strive to make minority voices heard.  

With that being said, here’s the lowdown on which hijabi fashion bloggers you should be following on the gram. Get ready for some swoon-worthy style and mesmerising fashion photography. These are strong women who are posting their style in an unapologetic and fierce way, projecting their voices into the retail realm.

Soha is an Egyptian fashion designer and stylist who spends her time between the beautiful landscapes of Dubai and Al Ain. You don’t need to wait around for golden hour when you’re living in a permanently golden climate like this. As expected, Soha’s feed radiates warmth and clarity. Clean backdrops and a neutral colour palette combine to create an aesthetic that channels effortless style.

Maria Alia is an influencer and model of Palestinian and Puerto Rican descent, who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Maria writes that her social media presence was built upon a knack for mixing her rich culture and beliefs with her penchant for fashion and design.

Maria views her freelance work as an important avenue to form a dialogue, not only one of cultural significance, but also of raw acceptance, inclusivity and kindness. Authenticity is another important motivation for Maria. She simply refuses to be anything but her unique self, and will never let trends alter her aesthetic.

Another hijabi influencer to keep an eye on is the beautiful Hodan Yusuf. Hers is an Instagram feed that cultivates inspiring content and thought-provoking style combinations. Hodan’s clothing and accessories challenge the inadaptable and highly saturated modern beauty industry. Her feed is one of many that fight against its overtly westernised and whitewashed preferences.

Social media is an avenue through which voices like Hodan’s can be heard. Fashion communication in the diverse digital space has altered the industry forever. Follow Hodan for more thought-provoking ideas, charming captions, and oh-so-much colour.

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