I had never been to America, let alone leave Europe! So when on Christmas Day 2015 my now husband gave me a trip to New York as my Christmas present, I was so overwhelmed, touched and shocked. I did t realise at th time it was the beginning of our proposal journey! 

Steve (my husband) had bought a ring and was going to wait for the right moment - whenever that may be - and propose in New York. 

We were there for 5 days and it was on our last night, we were watching the sunset at the top of the Empire State Building when he proposed. I truthfully was not expecting it, especially up there! Steve is quite r reserved an any, to propose in public was a massively brave thing for him to do! 

I was filing a time-lapse of the sunset, hands freezing (it was February) turning blue when I noticed Steve was not linger by my side. I couldn’t stop filing to look for him because it would’ve ruined the time-lapse. After about 5 minutes I turned around and there was Steve, right behind me on one knee. Tourists and visitors who were near us saw Steve waiting me to to turn around patiently and had parted like the Red Sea with cameras pointing at us ready to capture the moment. 

We were both so overcome with emotion, we jus stood there hugging for wha felt like an eternity, despite being in one of the busiest and most popular spots in the whole world, it felt like we were completely alone, so wrapped up in each other love.

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