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Just because diamonds are a girl’s best friend, doesn’t mean they can’t be a guy’s too! You open a fashion magazine, and more often than not, it’s the women who are adorned in diamonds. Even so, the market for men’s diamond jewellery is bigger than ever. With the rise of gender-neutral jewellery, gender jewellery conventions are officially out. Diamonds have no gender! And I guarantee, like yourself, your man has a taste for sparkles. From conservative wedding bands to bold diamond studs, diamond jewellery can be used to convey all styles.

Just last night at the Grammys, Pusha T was sporting a bold pair of diamond earrings. Post Malone’s whole outfit was encrusted with diamonds. It’s official - every man needs an item of diamond jewellery. I can imagine many men may feel tentative about adding some sparkle to their suit and tie ensemble. How can diamond jewellery be worn with conservative outfits? How do I know if my diamond jewellery is too over-the-top? By the end of this article, you’ll be wearing your diamond jewellery with conviction. Discover the top diamond jewellery for men, and learn how to style these glittering pieces. All the male celebrities are getting a daily dash of diamonds, and so should you!

Necklaces - wear them casual

  Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Racer Swag Tire Tread & Black Diamond TagRhodium Plated Sterling Silver Racer Swag Tire Tread & Black Diamond TagRhodium Plated Sterling Silver Racer Swag Tire Tread & Black Diamond Tag

LuvMyJewelry|Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Racer Swag Tire Thread & Black Diamond Tag | £249.00

Whether you’re a jewellery aficionado or a necklace newbie, style your diamond necklaces casually for a look that remains chic. Men have long been repping the multi-chained look - and we have hip-hop to thank for that. But with diamond necklaces, less definitely is more. One statement necklace is all you need to elevate your style. Keep it casual and classy with a single pendant necklace that will flash from under your collar. The Racer Swag  Tag by LuvMyJewelry comes in an array of different colours. Choose the perfect palette and exude confidence with this diamond delight. The necklace looks understated and cool when styled under an unbuttoned shirt. Go for black diamonds for some low-key luxury, and red enamel if you want to dazzle your admirer. Either way, this necklace will transform your style with some tasteful fashion finesse. 


Rings - keep it simple

The Passing Light Ring The Passing Light Ring The Passing Light Ring

Xiaohe Shen | The Passing Light Ring | £368.00

Every man should own a diamond ring to feel powerful and confident. Leave the glittering and striking rocks for your wedding finger… after all, that ring that should be the one stealing the limelight. A diamond ring for fashion purposes should be served simply and stylishly. I personally would opt for a silver finish - it’s contemporary, chic, and compliments white diamonds most elegantly. The masculine and understated form of Xiaohe Shen’s Passing Light Ring makes this the perfect pick for a man who likes to dress sharp. Keep your style fresh and young with a diamond ring made for the modern man. The grooved band, matte finish and subtle polished gold accents all combine to create a ring that conveys authentic style. Look how the tightly nestled diamond sparkles harmoniously within the design.


Cufflinks - the timeless classic 

Gold Vermeil Thaw Cufflinks With Arctic Resin Gold Vermeil Thaw Cufflinks With Arctic Resin Gold Vermeil Thaw Cufflinks With Arctic Resin

Emily Grace Jewellery | Gold Vermeil Thaw Cufflinks With Arctic Resin | £230.00

Cufflinks are a timeless piece that always give insight into the wearer. Some like their cufflinks traditional, others opt for humorous and playful designs. A pair of diamond cufflinks, however, will create a superior look that emanates confidence. Emily Grace Jewellery’s gold cufflinks combine colour and class for a chic finish. The pop of colour makes a bold statement. Look at how the cool blue hues marry perfectly with the warm 24kt gold. These pieces can be worn day-to-day with your workwear, all saved for special occasions. Either way, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be looking sharp with these gorgeous cufflinks on your wrist.

Bracelets - express yourself

Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet With Diamond Eyes Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet With Diamond Eyes Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet With Diamond Eyes

Snake Bones | Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet With Diamond Eyes | £277.00

The versatility of bracelets makes them a great jewellery item to express yourself with. From delicate bangles to textured leather cuffs - you can find a bracelet that perfectly matches your aesthetic. The word ‘diamond’ with ‘bracelet’ immediately makes one think of Elizabeth Taylor-esque diamond-adorned wrists. But that’s not always the case. We have a range of understated men’s diamond bracelets on JewelStreet that will keep you looking on-trend and sophisticated. Snake Bones’ Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet With Diamond Eyes is a super-edgy pick that harnesses that classic rock and roll vibe. The oxidised sterling silver enhances that icy white diamonds set within. The adjustable cord strap adds a masculine twist to this diamond delight. Feel smart and stylish with this quirky bracelet that combines diamond luxury with effortless edge.

Be bold this year with diamond jewellery that will last forever. We have a sophisticated range of men's diamond jewellery. Find those key pieces that will raise your diamond game to 100!