How to be the ultimate beach babe

Along with the warmer weather comes a glass of pimms, a slightly dodgy tan line, and a refreshed and more vibrant sense of style. You’ll be digging out those summer clothes from back in the day, and re-inventing them with summer jewellery. Bringing your legs out of hibernation really does change your outlook on life. Legs out, gems out is our motto of the season.

Whether you’re heading to the actual beach, or pretending you are, summer jewellery is here to transform you into the ultimate beach babe. There are a number of summer jewellery trends that have risen to the forefront of the fashion world. No need to search far and wide for treasure, we have it right here.

How to be the ultimate beach babe

Shell jewellery on the runway

The catwalks have been making waves in the fashion scene since last year. Beachy accents, natural forms, and fluid structures have been very much present in SS19 designs. Etro chose to incorporate large shell earrings at Milan Fashion week this Spring, and these were paired with fresh yellow dyed fabrics.

Mario Dice also showcased a waterfall of pearly summer jewellery during Milan Fashion Week. Gioielli Primavera Estate also contributed to shell-mania through their own interpretation of both the shell and mismatched earrings trends.

These designer pieces birthed a new design movement. Jewellers across the world were inspired to create versatile summer jewellery. This is jewellery that would be perfect with swimwear, but also great to wear with modest clothing. A chic cover up is part and parcel of a great holiday style of course! But remember not to cover the highlight of your style… luxury handmade jewellery. Want to see the best summer jewellery top picks?

How to be the ultimate beach babe

If you’ve not seen a piece of shell jewellery yet… then where have you been? Shell jewellery is the all-inclusive style item of the season. No matter your clothing or age, shells are a game-changing accessory.

These Latelita London pieces really capture the tranquility and relaxation of the beach. Shell jewellery pieces like these often have a pearly motif, an iridescent glow and feature a golden accent colour. This fluid and bohemian aesthetic is perfect for your day-to-day summer apparel.

How to be the ultimate beach babe

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Often, when we go on holiday, we are closer to nature. You can hear the birds, the waves and the breeze so clearly. There are no car horns or sirens disrupting your peace. Get closer to nature, and carry a little reminder of the true landscape with you. From the sand to the city… never forget the environment that we should protect.

Shell jewellery is a trend, but environmental consciousness is not. Lucky for you, handmade jewellery will stick around for a lifetime. You can carry these pieces close to you for eternity, and always remember the days where you found clarity through the ocean.

How to be the ultimate beach babe

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How to be the ultimate beach babe

Use the shell trend as your platform to launch you into the oceanic realm. Next stop on this holiday cruise? Aquatic life. Channel those enchanting under-the-sea vibes with the Katie Mullally’s Fish and Lobster charms.

You’re at home in the water. From water birth to wave pool, this is jewellery to join you on all of life’s adventures.

Take on a liberating mermaid mood with these handmade talismans. Freedom and fun are words associated with the feeling this jewellery will give you.

Celebrities like Ferne McCann, Vogue Williams, Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire have all been pictured wearing charms from the much-loved collection. You can see how easy they are to style, and they can literally be worn with anything.

These pieces look as if they have been foraged straight from a treasure trove that was buried deep at sea. They are highly sought after and people (including celebrities) will be asking you where on earth you found these aquatic riches.

How to be the ultimate beach babe

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Images sourced from JewelStreet & Pinterest.