How to pose for your wedding photographs

Everybody wishes for swoon-worthy wedding photos. But sometimes wedding images don’t quite hit the mark. If you want to have the best wedding photographs of the century, then you need to choose a great photographer. Each have their own unique quirks and stylistic approaches, so the decision comes to what suits you best as a couple. Vintage? Contemporary? Traditional?

Your chosen photographer will have their own creative direction, which they will discuss in-depth with you prior to your wedding day. However, even if you have the best photographer in the world, there are still many steps you can take to ensure that your photos are extraordinary. Follow our top tips to find out how...


Give your photographer a special pass behind the scenes of all aspects of the wedding day. This includes the preparations before the ceremony even starts. I’m talking shots of you getting ready and stylistic shots of the bridesmaids using a button hook to do up your dress. Give your photographer access to all areas, and welcome them into your wedding as part of the family. You won’t regret it. The snapshots of the most intimate moments that you share with your loved ones are often the most special.


Get all of your guests to not use their phones or cameras during your wedding, as it makes for a much cleaner series of photographs. And, let’s face it, why would you want a picture taken on Auntie Phillis’ Nokia 3310 when you can have the same image professionally captured by your paid photographer?


Confetti shots can make for some of the best wedding photographs. They are full of fun, laughter and sheer joy. Not only that, but they are the most candid images that you will probably have taken on the day. It’s hard not to react when your whole wedding party are throwing paper all over you. Trust me. Sometimes, your guests will forget to bring confetti with them. If you suspect that this will be the case, or you want to ensure that your confetti matches your colour theme, then stock up on your own and hand it out just before leaving the ceremony.


Your wedding day should be as relaxing as possible. It‘s important that you and your wedding party have time to mingle, and more importantly, have fun. So make sure that you allow a little wiggle room just in case someone is running late. That way, if the bride takes unexpectedly longer to get ready in the morning, or the groomsmen misplace a corsage, nobody will be running severely behind schedule for the photographs. You definitely don’t want to rush this part of the day.

Taking group or family photos are often the most difficult if not planned correctly. Make sure that all of your party know when the photos are being taken and when they should be on call nearby. You don’t want to be delayed by your best man who’s wandered off for a toilet break. Photographers are incredibly gracious and polite. They won’t shout or raise their voice to get the family together, so this bit is really up to you to organise. Let. Them. Know. The. Plan. You’ll thank me later.


You’ve invested in luxury handmade wedding jewellery. Make sure that it is seen! If you’ve spent time selecting the most beautiful pair of pearl earrings to match the beaded detailing of your 1920's gown, then show those babies off!

Let your photographer know that you want ALL the details captured.

Likewise, if you’re wearing a stylish side headpiece or bracelet, make sure that your photographer captures you from the right angle. If the detailing of your jewellery sits to the right, then ensure that you face the camera in that direction.


The focal point of your wedding photos should be you. Therefore, your photos should be candid, spontaneous and joyful. If you’re having a good time, you’ll look great! Don’t worry about posing for stiffer pictures where you’re uncomfortable. If you choose a great photographer, you won’t need to even think about having an awkward posey shoot.

You want your photographer to capture those private glances shared just between the two of you. You want them to catch your partner’s reaction as you walk down the aisle.

The good wedding photographers see the world through a different lens. They can sense the depth of emotion and love shared when two families unite as one. The best wedding photographers know how to package this well of emotion up into a single snapshot. A snapshot that says so much, but also nothing at the same time. A love like yours does not need over elaborate descriptions or forced photography. It truly speaks for itself.